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Short Answer Questions

1. When the dead men rise, what is the most significant thing they do?

2. What is the first strange thing noticed about the movement of the object that approaches the Ship at the Line?

3. The Mariner prays to God that if he is not awake, then let him be:

4. What objects are at the Mariner's feet during his suffering in Part IV?

5. Which word does the Mariner NOT use to describe the object he spots at the Line?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the Mariner's initial reaction to his surroundings in Part IV? Why is this significant?

2. What two body parts are most strongly emphasized in Part III? How?

3. At the beginning of Part IV, what is the Mariner's relationship to prayer?

4. In your own words, what is the simile the Mariner constructs after the marginal notes say the curse is expiated?

5. How does the Mariner's attitude toward his surroundings in Part IV change? What does this prompt?

6. Describe the death of the crew.

7. Describe the dice game between Death and Life-in-Death.

8. Describe what the Mariner sees when he turns his eyes back to the deck of the Ship, after describing the harbor in Part VI.

9. What two things is the Mariner thankful for at the beginning of Part V, and to whom are these things attributed?

10. What are the sounds the Mariner hears towards the end of Part VI, and how are they received by him?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the literal and allegorical significance of the Albatross within the story. Include a well-formed explication of what allegory is before demonstrating how the Albatross fulfills this explanation. Feel free to use external sources to fully show how the Albatross is an example of an allegorical object. Also be sure to relate its importance to the events of the poem.

Essay Topic 2

Present a coherent analysis of the character of Wedding-Guest. Important things to consider include:

1) His unwillingness to listen but compulsion to do so;

2) His fearful interruptions;

3) His actions at the end of the story (not attending the wedding);

4) Waking up the following morning "sadder and wiser."

Essay Topic 3

Explicate the characters of Death and Life-in-Death. What kind of characters are they? How do they change the story? How do their descriptions relate to their actions? Although they only appear in Part III of the poem, they are nonetheless important throughout. Be sure to demonstrate how this is so.

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