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Short Answer Questions

1. What adjective does the Mariner use to describe the sea and the Ship?

2. How does the Mariner describe the sails of the other ship?

3. What does the person working beside the Mariner say to him?

4. What does the Mariner reassure the Guest?

5. How does the Mariner describe time after the object hangs around his neck?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does the Mariner's attitude toward his surroundings in Part IV change? What does this prompt?

2. For how long does the Mariner suffer? How is this significant?

3. After regaining consciousness from fainting, what does the Mariner again feel the effects of? What are those effects?

4. Why does the Guest interrupt the Mariner in Part V? How does the Mariner respond?

5. At the beginning of Part IV, what is the Mariner's relationship to prayer?

6. Describe what the Mariner sees when he turns his eyes back to the deck of the Ship, after describing the harbor in Part VI.

7. What does the Mariner mean when he says, "O let me be awake, my God! / Or let me sleep alway," in the middle of Part VI?

8. What are the sounds the Mariner hears towards the end of Part VI, and how are they received by him?

9. What happens to the Ship after the Mariner faints? Who relates the action of the story while he is unconscious?

10. What are some of the descriptions of the ship carrying Death and Life-in-Death?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Religion is an important theme in the story. Analyze its presence and influence on the characters and actions throughout the poem. Be sure to include the importance of prayer, the cross, the kirk, and the Hermit.

Essay Topic 2

Explicate the characters of Death and Life-in-Death. What kind of characters are they? How do they change the story? How do their descriptions relate to their actions? Although they only appear in Part III of the poem, they are nonetheless important throughout. Be sure to demonstrate how this is so.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the poem, eyes are prominently mentioned. Analyze the significance of their mentions, how they influence the story, and any deeper significance they might have. Feel free to include your personal opinions on the importance of eyes.

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