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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which Ocean is the ship described as entering?
(a) The Arctic Ocean.
(b) The Atlantic Ocean.
(c) The Indian Ocean.
(d) The Pacific Ocean.

2. Who alters the text of the poem's Epigraph?
(a) Samuel Taylor Coleridge.
(b) Thomas Burnet.
(c) William Wordsworth.
(d) Derek Roper.

3. What is the relationship between the Guest and the Bridegroom?
(a) Next of kin.
(b) Close friends.
(c) Co-workers.
(d) Distant cousins.

4. How high is the ice in the polar region?
(a) Bow high.
(b) Mast high.
(c) Below the water.
(d) Higher than can be seen.

5. Who has the first speaking line?
(a) The Wedding-Guest.
(b) Thomas Burnet.
(c) The Ancient Mariner.
(d) The Pilot.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does the crew think of the Albatross?

2. What is the "Line"?

3. How does Thomas Burnet think the Natures are studied?

4. Where are the men the Mariner meets going?

5. As what colors does the water appear to burn?

Short Essay Questions

1. What seems to be significant about the Guest's compulsion to listen to the Mariner's story?

2. Why do you think that the character listening to the Mariner is a wedding guest?

3. What are some of the punishments of the crew?

4. Why is it important for the mind to contemplate the invisible Natures?

5. Why are the Sun and Storm-blast personified and how is their personification signified?

6. What does it mean to be "vigilant for truth" and to "maintain proportion?"

7. The Mariner has a look of intense regret on his face towards the end of Part I. Why does the Mariner look so, and why is it important?

8. Why do you think there is such a strong emphasis placed on the Mariner's eye in Part I?

9. In your own words, briefly describe the polar region. Be sure to include important descriptive details.

10. Describe the interaction between the mariners and the Albatross.

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