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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Lines 83-142.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What kinds of worlds are implied in the Epigraph?
(a) Old and new.
(b) Natural and supernatural.
(c) Real and imaginary.
(d) Living and dead.

2. Why does Thomas Burnet say people study invisible Nature?
(a) To broaden their minds.
(b) To know the truth.
(c) To find peace.
(d) To live happily.

3. What other Nature is studied in the poem?
(a) Human.
(b) Demonic.
(c) Inanimate.
(d) Animal.

4. What does the Mariner ask the Hermit to do?
(a) To bring him home.
(b) To absolve him of his sins.
(c) To help him bury his shipmates.
(d) To repair his boat.

5. What are the notes?
(a) Samuel Taylor Coleridge's notes to himself about the poem.
(b) Thomas Burnet's footnotes.
(c) A shorter summation of the poem.
(d) The contents of the Mariner's journal.

Short Answer Questions

1. After the fog lifts, what suddenly happens to the Ship?

2. What does Thomas Burnet say happens to the mind that does not contemplate the invisible Nature?

3. How does the Guest listen to the Mariner?

4. The water is compared to what mystical substance?

5. How long is the poem's Epigraph?

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