The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Character Descriptions

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Ancient Mariner

The main character of the poem who shoots the Albatross and learns the value of prayer.

Wedding Guest

The character who listens to the main character's tale.


The creature in the poem that brings good luck while it is alive, and a curse when it is killed.

Ship's Crew

The biggest group in the poem, who all suffer because of the main character's actions.

Wedding Party

The group of people whom the character listening to the main character's tale is about to join before being interrupted.


A frightening part of the terrible voyage, this character plays a crucial game of dice with a female character.

Nightmare Life-in-Death

A thrice-whistling character who exclaims victory twice.


One of the main character's rescuers, this character is cowardly and needs reassurance when approaching the main character.


A holy character who both rescues and imposes a penance...

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