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• The Epigraph is written by Thomas Burnet, in a work titled the Archaeologiae Philosophicae.
• The Epigraph is added to the 1817 version of the poem.
• The Epigraph serves to illuminate some of the major purposes of the poem.
• These major purposes are to focus on the study of visible and invisible Natures, to see at once both the natural and supernatural worlds, and where they intersect.


• The notes, which accompany the poem, summarize the poem's action.
• The notes also help to clarify what is sometimes not clear in the text of the poem itself.

Part 1, Lines 1-82

• The Mariner stops a man entering a wedding.
• Though the man wants to leave, he is compelled to listen to the Mariner's tale.
• The Mariner speaks of his journey, and how his Ship is stuck in the polar region.
• The Mariner speaks of the Albatross, how the ice breaks when...

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