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Short Answer Questions

1. By writing Part Two of Rights of Man, what was Paine aiming to reveal about the claims of government to produce order?

2. In Paine's opinion, what did the power of the Peers represent?

3. What forms of objection were there to the Articles of Confederation?

4. As explained by Paine in Of Constitutions, what made the constitutions binding?

5. How did the Peers become rich?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was Paine's plan for paying off the national debt in Ways and Means of Improving the Conditions of Europe?

2. Which two functions did Paine divide governments into in Of Constitutions?

3. Which changes would Paine make to the revenue distribution system of the monarchy?

4. Why did Paine support commerce and universal trade in Ways and Means of Improving the Conditions of Europe?

5. How and why were the committees of America formed before the Declaration of Independence?

6. How did Paine define the old governments and the new governments in Chapter 3?

7. What was the difference in the opinions of Sieyes and Burke and the monarchies?

8. As discussed in Ways and Means of Improving the Conditions of Europe, what effect would a possible alliance with France have for England?

9. Which taxes and regulations did Paine think should be reduced or abolished in England?

10. Based on the information provided in Of Constitutions, how did the American Constitution avoid the same mistakes made by the monarchical governments?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss Dr. Price, the societies mentioned with him in Rights of Man, the rights that he outlined, Burke's objection of his positions and Paine's defense of them.

Essay Topic 2

Explain Paine's reasons for writing Part Two of Rights of Man, what he intended to accomplish with it, Burke's response to Part One, Paine's frustration with the response, and his position of criminal prosecution that was included in the Preface for Part Two.

Essay Topic 3

Discuss three major differences that Paine and Burke had in their opinions of a hereditary monarchy. Also, include an explanation of what a hereditary monarchy was, the negative effects it had on society, and whether or not you agree with Paine about its absurdity.

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