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Short Answer Questions

1. How did Paine categorize Burke's speech to the English Parliament?

2. Which one of the following was a type of preface that Rights of Man included?

3. How did Paine think the English government viewed the French Revolution?

4. Which century was Thomas Paine known for being one of the great political thinkers?

5. In order to prove the senselessness of Burke's position on the monarchy, what did Paine maintain could not be done to individual rights?

Short Essay Questions

1. What rights did Dr. Price think the people of England had, and how did Burke disagree?

2. What was the difference of opinion that Paine and Burke had about the Bastille?

3. Why did Paine write the Miscellaneous Chapter?

4. Which positive examples of the French Constitution did Paine include in Rights of Man?

5. How did Paine clarify the target of the French people during the Revolution?

6. Which rights did Paine include in the third preface for Rights of Man?

7. How did Paine dispute Burke's opinion of the hereditary monarchy in the Miscellaneous Chapter?

8. What explanation did Paine given in Rights of Man about natural rights and human authority?

9. What drawbacks to the English government did Paine write about while covering the rights that the French people had?

10. How did Paine describe the main articles in the Declaration of Rights?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Analyze the comparison between the French and English governments that Paine made in Rights of Man. Also, provide a description of Paine's opinions of both governments, how they corresponded to the main themes of the book, and the points that Paine was making with the comparison.

Essay Topic 2

The Conclusion of Part One summarized Paine's positions while presenting his idea of the two influences of mankind.

1) Describe the two influences of mankind, reason and ignorance, and their place in society.

2) Explain which types of government were influenced by reason and which ones were influenced by ignorance.

3) Analyze the difference in previous Revolutions and the present Revolutions of Paine's time with regard to their effects on the Republics.

Essay Topic 3

Part Two of Rights of Man began with an Introduction about America's success and the reasons behind it.

1) Describe the aspects of America that Paine thought helped them succeed in forming a new government.

2) Explain why Paine expressed that America was the only place that could have tried a new form of government at that time.

3) Analyze the success of America as it is highlighted by Paine in the Introduction of Part Two of Rights of Man.

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