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Short Answer Questions

1. Based on the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Of Citizens, by the National Assembly of France, whose will did the law express?

2. Which of the following did Paine speak out against in Rights of Man?

3. To begin the Preface, what was Paine's response to Burke's lack of support for the French Revolution?

4. Instead of rights, what did Paine say was included in Burke's arguments?

5. According to Paine in the Miscellaneous Chapter, what did tyranny in the English government cause?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why did Paine write the Miscellaneous Chapter?

2. What was the difference of opinion that Paine and Burke had about the Bastille?

3. How did Paine describe the main articles in the Declaration of Rights?

4. How did Paine name the new era that was taking place and the future of the Revolutions at the end of Part One's Conclusion?

5. What drawbacks to the English government did Paine write about while covering the rights that the French people had?

6. What were the differences in the three forms of government authority that Paine mentioned in Rights of Man?

7. What explanation did Paine given in Rights of Man about natural rights and human authority?

8. What was the English government's perception of the French Revolution and the French government?

9. How did Paine indicate his intent for writing the Rights of Man in the second preface?

10. What caused Thomas Paine to write Rights of Man?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Using the information Paine provided in Chapter 2 of Part Two of Rights of Man, compare the origins of the English government with the actions that Paine had observed in the monarchical government. Also, include an analysis of the origin of government in general, the initial intentions of its development and why Paine supported the representative style of government as the best option.

Essay Topic 2

Discuss Dr. Price, the societies mentioned with him in Rights of Man, the rights that he outlined, Burke's objection of his positions and Paine's defense of them.

Essay Topic 3

A main position that Paine took in Of Society and Civilization was that a society could function with little or no government.

1) Describe early America before the American Revolution and the reasons why it maintained itself without a formal government.

2) Explain the characteristics that Paine outlined for how a country could be maintained by society without government.

3) Analyze Paine's opinions of government's role in society and whether he thought there could be a government without society.

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