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Short Answer Questions

1. How many prefaces did the first part of Rights of Man have?

2. How did Paine categorize Burke's speech to the English Parliament?

3. In Rights of Man, what did Paine say society granted men?

4. How did Paine describe human authority while correcting Burke's misrepresentation of the Declaration of the Rights of Man?

5. Since the people are sovereign, what were the only type of actions that Paine thought should be stopped by the law?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Paine dispute Burke's opinion of the hereditary monarchy in the Miscellaneous Chapter?

2. What caused Thomas Paine to write Rights of Man?

3. How did the second preface of Rights of Man begin?

4. Why was Paine qualified to write about the French's situation accurately?

5. What drawbacks to the English government did Paine write about while covering the rights that the French people had?

6. How did Paine indicate his intent for writing the Rights of Man in the second preface?

7. Who did Paine say his audience was in the third preface and what was his response to the backlash his readers were experiencing?

8. What explanation did Paine given in Rights of Man about natural rights and human authority?

9. How did the English people differ with the English government about the French Revolution?

10. Which criticism did Paine make about Burke's view of the French Constitution at the end of Rights of Man?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The first two prefaces for Rights of Man were intended to be read by English and French audiences.

1) Describe the English preface and Paine's goals when writing it.

2) Explain the message that Paine was delivering with the French preface.

3) Analyze the similarities and differences between the English and French prefaces.

Essay Topic 2

The Miscellaneous Chapter was a collection of Paine's thoughts that he included in a separate section of the book.

1) Describe the reasons Paine had for writing a Miscellaneous Chapter, in literal terms and political.

2) Explain the view of government that Paine depicted in the Miscellaneous Chapter.

3) Analyze the conflict that Paine and Burke had with their views about the ideal government in the Miscellaneous Chapter.

Essay Topic 3

Of Constitutions chronicled America's path to Independence and the forming of the Constitution.

1) Describe at least three key events that led to the Declaration of Independence and the Articles of Confederation.

2) Explain Paine's objection to the Articles of Confederation and if they seem valid in your opinion.

3) Analyze the ratification of the Constitution and how the concerns the people had back then about the document could be applied to current times.

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