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Short Answer Questions

1. Based on the Declaration of the Rights of Man and Of Citizens, by the National Assembly of France, whose will did the law express?

2. To begin the Preface, what was Paine's response to Burke's lack of support for the French Revolution?

3. What crucial point did Paine make about power in the Miscellaneous Chapter?

4. How did Paine intend to defend the rights he wrote about in Rights of Man?

5. Which word did Paine use to describe the monarchy in the Miscellaneous Chapter?

Short Essay Questions

1. What was the main point in the first preface for Rights of Man?

2. How did the English people differ with the English government about the French Revolution?

3. How did Paine dispute Burke's opinion of the hereditary monarchy in the Miscellaneous Chapter?

4. How did Paine clarify the target of the French people during the Revolution?

5. Which inefficiencies of the English government did Paine discuss in the Miscellaneous Chapter?

6. Who did Paine say his audience was in the third preface and what was his response to the backlash his readers were experiencing?

7. What were some of Paine's problems with Burke's views of governmental wisdom?

8. What was Paine's explanation of reason and ignorance in the Conclusion of Part One?

9. What was the difference of opinion that Paine and Burke had about the Bastille?

10. How did Paine indicate his intent for writing the Rights of Man in the second preface?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Compare and contrast the backgrounds of Paine and Burke, including an analysis of the role that the past had in their opinions of the American Revolution and the French Revolution, and Paine's surprise about Burke's criticism.

Essay Topic 2

A main position that Paine took in Of Society and Civilization was that a society could function with little or no government.

1) Describe early America before the American Revolution and the reasons why it maintained itself without a formal government.

2) Explain the characteristics that Paine outlined for how a country could be maintained by society without government.

3) Analyze Paine's opinions of government's role in society and whether he thought there could be a government without society.

Essay Topic 3

Analyze the comparison between the French and English governments that Paine made in Rights of Man. Also, provide a description of Paine's opinions of both governments, how they corresponded to the main themes of the book, and the points that Paine was making with the comparison.

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