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1. What caused Thomas Paine to write Rights of Man?

Thomas Paine is well known and respected as one of the best political thinkers of the 18th century and as a Founder of the United States of America. He wrote Rights of Man in response to Edmund Burke's criticism of the French Revolution. Paine's goal was to defend the Revolutions and the intentions behind it.

2. What was the main point in the first preface for Rights of Man?

The English preface for Rights of Man featured Paine's surprise at Burke's criticism of the French Revolution and he labeled Burke's speech as violent. The preface also included Paine's clarification that while he supported both Revolutions, he was not a friend of war.

3. How did the second preface of Rights of Man begin?

The second preface for Rights of Man was the French edition and it began with Paine's excitement about the effects of the French Revolution. He discussed the positive ways that the Revolution could influence other countries and help the cause of liberty and equality.

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