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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Ways and Means of Improving the Conditions of Europe, Interspersed with Miscellaneous Observations.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who did Paine contend that a monarchy was maintained to amuse?
(a) The gullible.
(b) The poor.
(c) The rich.
(d) The stupid.

2. How much power did Paine think the Articles of Confederation gave the states?
(a) Not enough.
(b) Too much.
(c) The right amount.
(d) He did not comment on it.

3. Along with Dr. Price, which society did Paine think that Burke maligned?
(a) Society for Law and Justice.
(b) Freedom Society.
(c) Society for Constitutional Information.
(d) American Revolution Society.

4. What did Paine think Burke had drastically underestimated by calling the French Revolution a violent revolt?
(a) The level of tryrrany in France.
(b) The level of tyrrany in England.
(c) The previous wars of England.
(d) The previous wars of France.

5. Which one of the following is not included in the rights that Dr. Price thought the English people had?
(a) The right to claim a government funded security bond.
(b) The right to cashier governors for misconduct.
(c) The right to frame a government for themselves.
(d) The right to choose their own governors.

Short Answer Questions

1. What type of work was Rights of Man?

2. According to Paine in the Miscellaneous Chapter, what did tyranny in the English government cause?

3. What is a good description of the second part of Rights of Man?

4. What crucial point did Paine make about power in the Miscellaneous Chapter?

5. When was the Articles of Confederation passed?

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