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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Of Constitutions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Paine describe America in Part Two of Rights of Man?
(a) A country of rapid progress.
(b) A country of limitless progress.
(c) A country of rapid production.
(d) A country of limitless production.

2. Why did Paine think that America was the only place in the world where Independence could be tried?
(a) It was free of history.
(b) It had the most to gain.
(c) It had the most creative people.
(d) It was the correct size.

3. What did Burke think about England's past laws?
(a) They should only be altered every one hundred years.
(b) They could be altered.
(c) They could not be altered.
(d) They should only be altered every two hundred years.

4. What type of kindness did Paine think the English government had towards the French government?
(a) Genuine.
(b) Hypocritical.
(c) Ambiguous.
(d) Disdainful.

5. Which of the following did Paine speak out against in Rights of Man?
(a) Remarks on the Policies of the Allies with Respect to France.
(b) Thoughts on French Affairs.
(c) Reflections on the Revolution in France.
(d) Letters on a Regicide Peace.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why did Paine think the Articles of Confederation was ineffective?

2. What impressed Paine about the National Assembly in Rights of Man?

3. To begin the Preface, what was Paine's response to Burke's lack of support for the French Revolution?

4. Along with Dr. Price, which society did Paine think that Burke maligned?

5. In the beginning of Rights of Man, how did Paine describe Burke's pamphlet?

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