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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Of Constitutions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What concern did many people in the states have about the newly ratified Constitution?
(a) It was too short.
(b) It was too long.
(c) It would be interpreted differently by the government.
(d) It would be interpreted literally by the government.

2. As explained by Paine in Of Constitutions, what made the constitutions binding?
(a) Nations put their coexistence as a priority.
(b) Nations put their success as a priority.
(c) Nations had no interest in being wrong.
(d) Nations had no interest in being misled.

3. As Paine explained in Of Society and Civilization, what has nature given man to ensure the cooperation needed to survive?
(a) A desire to develop the undeveloped.
(b) Wants that preceed the ability to provide.
(c) A desire to create a better way.
(d) Wants that exceed the ability to provide.

4. What did Paine say was the cause of the removal of aristocratic title for the French people?
(a) Natural differences.
(b) Human equality.
(c) Natural equality.
(d) Human differences.

5. Because the English government was undisciplined in Paine's opinion, what were they too preoccupied with?
(a) Taxation.
(b) Maintaining the laws.
(c) Changing the laws.
(d) Foreign affairs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Based on Paine's assessment, how were the people's opinion of government changing as a result of the American and French Revolutions?

2. How did Paine describe human authority while correcting Burke's misrepresentation of the Declaration of the Rights of Man?

3. What type of kindness did Paine think the English government had towards the French government?

4. In Paine's opinion, what did Burke's position on England's past laws justify?

5. Which two functions did Paine outline for governments in Of Constitutions?

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