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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizens, by the National Assembly of France, Observations on the Declarations of Rights, Miscellaneous Chapter, Conclusion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What happened to responsibility when a country attempted to blend both influences that Paine referenced in the Conclusion of Part One?
(a) It would be misplaced.
(b) It would be altered.
(c) It would be lost.
(d) It would be replaced.

2. What impressed Paine about the National Assembly in Rights of Man?
(a) Their ability to restrain revolt.
(b) Their patience.
(c) Their ability to prevent revolt.
(d) Their objectivity.

3. Which French causes did Paine think were also representative of the entire world?
(a) Equality and commerce.
(b) Liberty, equality, and commerce.
(c) Liberty and equality.
(d) Liberty and freedom of religion.

4. What was the first part of Rights of Man written to accomplish?
(a) To address the people that disagreed with Burke.
(b) To correct Burke's factual errors.
(c) To correct Burke's grammatical errors.
(d) To address the people that agreed with Burke.

5. According to Paine in the Preface, who was his audience for Rights of Man?
(a) The whole world.
(b) The western world.
(c) A small part of the world.
(d) Half the world.

Short Answer Questions

1. When did the burning and devastation of London take place that Paine referred to in his attempt to disprove Burke's opinion of the French people?

2. In the beginning of Rights of Man, how did Paine describe Burke's pamphlet?

3. How did Paine describe the Declaration of Rights in Observations on the Declarations of Rights?

4. Why did Paine choose to write a Miscellaneous Chapter of miscellaneous thoughts?

5. As he stated in the Preface, who did Paine specifically intend to give an accurate account of the war to by writing Rights of Man?

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