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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizens, by the National Assembly of France, Observations on the Declarations of Rights, Miscellaneous Chapter, Conclusion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When did the burning and devastation of London take place that Paine referred to in his attempt to disprove Burke's opinion of the French people?
(a) 1750.
(b) 1770.
(c) 1780.
(d) 1730.

2. How did Paine describe the Declaration of Rights in Observations on the Declarations of Rights?
(a) An outstanding triumph.
(b) A fantastic achievement.
(c) An unprecedented event.
(d) A spectacular accomplishment.

3. After apologizing for the miscellany in the Miscellaneous Chapter, how did Paine describe Burke's book?
(a) Half miscellany.
(b) All miscellany.
(c) Mostly miscellany.
(d) Some miscellany.

4. Which century was Thomas Paine known for being one of the great political thinkers?
(a) Eighteenth century.
(b) Nineteenth century.
(c) Twentieth century.
(d) Seventeenth century

5. What distinction did Paine make in the Preface?
(a) Between the state, the nation and the government.
(b) Between the state and the religion.
(c) Between the nation and the government.
(d) Between the state and the nation.

Short Answer Questions

1. Challenging Burke's view that the government had knowledge, what did Paine insist that Burke could not prove?

2. What did Paine think should be used to justify laws?

3. Besides defending themselves, what else did Paine say the people were defending by storming the Bastille?

4. What crucial point did Paine make about power in the Miscellaneous Chapter?

5. What did Paine do to help the cause being fought for in the American Revolution?

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