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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Declaration of the Rights of Man and of Citizens, by the National Assembly of France, Observations on the Declarations of Rights, Miscellaneous Chapter, Conclusion.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which century was Thomas Paine known for being one of the great political thinkers?
(a) Nineteenth century.
(b) Eighteenth century.
(c) Seventeenth century
(d) Twentieth century.

2. How did Paine summarize Burke's views in the Miscellaneous Chapter?
(a) Burke claimed that individuals had only select rights.
(b) Burke did not understand which rights individuals had.
(c) Burke did not understand which rights individuals did not have.
(d) Burke claimed that individuals had no rights.

3. Although Paine supported the Revolutions and their intentions, what did he make clear about his opinion of war?
(a) He was tired of war.
(b) He was waiting for another war.
(c) He was no friend of war.
(d) He would be opposed to another war.

4. What happened to responsibility when a country attempted to blend both influences that Paine referenced in the Conclusion of Part One?
(a) It would be altered.
(b) It would be misplaced.
(c) It would be lost.
(d) It would be replaced.

5. How did Paine describe reasoning with the states in the Preface?
(a) Pointless.
(b) Commendable.
(c) Unacceptable.
(d) Confusing.

Short Answer Questions

1. As mentioned in the Miscellaneous Chapter, when did the people of England overthrow the monarch?

2. As commented on by Paine, how did Burke refer to the events concerning the Bastille?

3. Why did Paine have an accurate account of the Revolution he discussed in Rights of Man?

4. How many articles did Paine discuss in Observations on the Declarations of Rights?

5. Which one of the Founding Fathers was intended to receive Marquis de la Fayette's declaration of rights?

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