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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Rights of Man.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which term that Burke used to label the French people did Paine consider to be an insult?
(a) Flock.
(b) Pack.
(c) Mob.
(d) Riot.

2. Instead of rights, what did Paine say was included in Burke's arguments?
(a) Hypothesis.
(b) Clauses.
(c) Surveys.
(d) Misinformation.

3. What did Paine think should be used to justify laws?
(a) Previous examples.
(b) Principles.
(c) Future examples.
(d) Logic.

4. What did Paine discuss about the French government at the end of Rights of Man?
(a) How its structure remained intact after the Revolution.
(b) How it would have been structured without the Revolution.
(c) How it was structured after the Revolution.
(d) How it was structured before the Revolution.

5. Which century was Thomas Paine known for being one of the great political thinkers?
(a) Nineteenth century.
(b) Eighteenth century.
(c) Twentieth century.
(d) Seventeenth century

Short Answer Questions

1. As Paine wrote, what kind of impact would the French Revolution have?

2. As he noted in the Preface, where did Paine desire to collect his political thoughts?

3. Which one of the Founding Fathers was intended to receive Marquis de la Fayette's declaration of rights?

4. How did Paine think the English government viewed the French Revolution?

5. As commented on by Paine, how did Burke refer to the events concerning the Bastille?

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