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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Of Constitutions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As explained by Paine, what is the purpose of civil rights?
(a) To promote what natural rights cannot.
(b) To reinvent natural rights.
(c) To protect natural rights.
(d) To reinforce natural rights.

2. Considering the point that Paine made in Of Constitutions, what were governments designed to promote under a constitution?
(a) Only the individual good.
(b) Neither the individual nor the collective good.
(c) Only the collective good.
(d) The individual and collective good.

3. Which term that Burke used to label the French people did Paine consider to be an insult?
(a) Riot.
(b) Pack.
(c) Mob.
(d) Flock.

4. Which articles of Observations on the Declarations of Rights outlined the principles on which the laws of France should be built?
(a) The eighth through the eleventh.
(b) The eighth through the tenth.
(c) The seventh through the tenth.
(d) The seventh through the eleventh.

5. Which aspect of the government's presumed knowledge could not be accounted for by Burke, according to the listing of his view's problems in the Miscellaneous Chapter?
(a) Its relevance.
(b) Its origin.
(c) Its extent.
(d) Its limit.

Short Answer Questions

1. In Paine's opinion, what did Burke's position on England's past laws justify?

2. Which one of the Founding Fathers was intended to receive Marquis de la Fayette's declaration of rights?

3. After apologizing for the miscellany in the Miscellaneous Chapter, how did Paine describe Burke's book?

4. In order to prove the senselessness of Burke's position on the monarchy, what did Paine maintain could not be done to individual rights?

5. What did Paine say was crucial to a good constitution at the end of Of Constitutions?

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