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• Thomas Paine, a recognized political thinker of the 18th century, was well known for supporting the American and French Revolutions.
• Edmund Burke's criticism of the French Revolution caused Paine to write his response, Rights of Man.
• The English preface of Rights of Man consisted of Paine's surprised reaction to Burke's criticism and an analogy between the American Revolution and the French Revolution.
• In the French preface, Paine informed the French people that their cause was supported by the English people, and that he would make sure they received a factual account of the events that took place.
• Paine struck back against the governments that were punishing his readers in the general preface of Rights of Man.

Rights of Man

• Paine categorized Burke's insults against the French people as lies, bigotry and hatred, based on outdated laws.
• Proving Burke's position to be self-defeating, Paine corrected several facts about...

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