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Short Answer Questions

1. What happens when the second Mercury flight splashes down?

2. What does Kennedy insist on as NASA's next focus?

3. Who is in charge of crew selection?

4. What is given to Shepard by President Kennedy?

5. As a result of these problems, what does Cooper have to do?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Grissom say to the second group of astronauts to keep them in their place?

2. Why are the American politicians and reporters alarmed by the Russian's flight?

3. During the delay before the launch, Shepard found his biggest issue to be his need to use the restroom. However, no device for urination was designed into the capsule. Why not?

4. When Bob Gilruth calls the astronauts together for an emergency meeting just before Christmas, what is the purpose of the meeting?

5. Why does Grissom's suit not keep him buoyant when he is awaiting rescue in the ocean?

6. Why does the next group of astronauts selected contain fourteen trainees instead of the intended eleven trainees?

7. The seven original Mercury astronauts receive the Iven C. Kincheloe Award for outstanding professional performance in the conduct of test flight from the Society for Experimental Test Pilots. What does receiving this award mean to the astronauts?

8. In Chapter 15, what does John Glenn argue with James Webb about?

9. Why does Walter Cronkite tell the American people that he is afraid that we may have lost an astronaut?

10. Why does NASA select the primary pilot and two backups with a few weeks to go before the launch instead of selecting the primary pilot the day before the launch as is originally planned?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Identify and discuss the main political events that hastened the creation of Project Mercury.

a. What specifically occurred to speed up NASA's time frame for space travel?

b. What perceived threats resulted from these events?

c. How did the creation of Project Mercury address these perceived threats?

Essay Topic 2

The book first introduces us to some of the Mercury astronauts during their test flying days and, by the astronaut selection process, we have met all seven of the men who will be selected for Project Mercury. By the end of the book, we have seen these men over three to four years.

a. Compare and contrast the attitudes of the Original Seven astronauts when they first entered the training program to their attitudes towards the conclusion of the Mercury program. How did their success affect the systems in place at NASA?

b. How did the success of the Mercury program change these men, if at all? Pick two of the seven and support your answer.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the book, the astronauts are compared with the pilots from Edwards Air Force Base. Compare and contrast these two groups in terms at the following times:

a. When Project Mercury was first being announced.

b. When Project Mercury was underway.

c. When Project Mercury was concluded.

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