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Short Answer Questions

1. How many planes does a pilot have to shoot down in combat to be considered an "ace"?

2. While not logging any flying time comes to bother all seven of the astronauts, which is the astronaut who finally voices their complaint?

3. Why should Yeager be grounded and not allowed to fly the test flight to break the sound barrier on October 14th?

4. What is the name Yeager gives to his plane?

5. When do the pilots wear their bridge coats?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why do many pilots choose to try to pilot a wounded aircraft to the ground rather than eject?

2. Name three tests conducted at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on the pilots.

3. The training program for the chimpanzees is based on operant conditioning. Describe what that means for the chimpanzees.

4. Contrast flight training with astronaut training.

5. Why do so many fighter pilots accept the Mercury mission?

6. What is the Konakai Séance?

7. What are John Glenn and Alan Shepard in serious disagreement about?

8. Why do Chuck Yeager's comments in Phoenix almost set off a national scandal? What happens to avoid the scandal?

9. In detailing the experiences of the astronauts, the author states that "everywhere they went in their travels people stopped what they were doing and gave them a certain look of awe and sympathy." Awe is easily understood. Why do they look at them with sympathy?

10. The engineers tend to feel that the glorification of the astronauts has really gotten out of control. Why do they feel that way?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The two most prominent of the seven astronauts are arguably Alan Shepard and John Glenn. The book pits the two against each other in several ways.

a. Identify and explain the points-of-view of both Shepard and Glenn regarding the off-duty behaviors of the astronauts while at the Cape. Why did their views cause dissension among the remaining astronauts? What was the role of the Konakai Séance in the resolution of their dispute? How was their dispute resolved?

b. Shepard and Glenn are both competing to be selected as the first man into space. Compare how each man prepares for selection. Contrast their reactions when the selected individual is finally named. Compare their behaviors after the selection is made.

Essay Topic 2

Six of the seven of the original Mercury astronauts eventually went up in a Mercury capsule before the program was discontinued in favor of the Gemini and Apollo programs.

a. What were the benefits of having an early flight? What were the drawbacks?

b. What were the benefits of having one of the last flights? What were the drawbacks?

Essay Topic 3

To say that the Original Seven astronauts were looked up to would be a gross understatement; they were adored and admired national heroes. Yet, in spite of their fame, they only had one magazine, Life, that told their stories.

a. What were the reasons for the press restrictions?

b. Why was Life magazine selected?

c. In today's world, would heroes agree to only one magazine with exclusive coverage? Why or why not?

d. If the intense hype surrounding the astronauts back then surrounded them in today's environment, identify three differences in how the astronauts would have been "marketed" to the nation.

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