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Short Answer Questions

1. How does Ted Whelan die?

2. What record does Bob White set during one of his X-15 flights?

3. Which of the astronauts commands the most star power?

4. Which of the astronauts commands the least star power?

5. Why do the volunteers report to Lovelace?

Short Essay Questions

1. Name three tests conducted at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base on the pilots.

2. What is written in Conrad's file as a reason he isn't selected for the Mercury program?

3. Why do the astronauts not refer to themselves or the other astronauts as "astronauts"?

4. Why do the pilots come to hate Lovelace?

5. Why do Chuck Yeager's comments in Phoenix almost set off a national scandal? What happens to avoid the scandal?

6. Contrast flight training with astronaut training.

7. According to the author, why does every pilot sound the same and talk with a lilting, vaguely Southern-sounding drawl?

8. What is the goal of the pilots in Project Mercury, which is the same goal in every new and important flight project?

9. What is the procedures trainer?

10. Name two reasons that fighter pilots hate to declare an emergency.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

When we are first introduced to the pilots at Muroc Army Air Base, we meet a cocky group of young pilots that daily face danger and possible death from just doing their jobs.

a. List the dangers the pilots faced daily when conducting their test flights.

b. List off-duty dangers that resulted from their cocky and larger-than-life egos.

Essay Topic 2

The book first introduces us to some of the Mercury astronauts during their test flying days and, by the astronaut selection process, we have met all seven of the men who will be selected for Project Mercury. By the end of the book, we have seen these men over three to four years.

a. Compare and contrast the attitudes of the Original Seven astronauts when they first entered the training program to their attitudes towards the conclusion of the Mercury program. How did their success affect the systems in place at NASA?

b. How did the success of the Mercury program change these men, if at all? Pick two of the seven and support your answer.

Essay Topic 3

When Glenn finally goes up, his flight is remarkably different from Shepard's flight, as is the resulting celebration upon Glenn's safe return.

a. List three perks Shepard received after his first flight.

b. List three perks Glenn received after his first flight.

c. How does the success of Glenn's flight change their relationship?

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