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Short Answer Questions

1. What is housed at the Holloman Air Force Base?

2. What do the Project Mercury engineers think will be an easy task?

3. Who is John Glenn's greatest ally in the debate over how the astronauts should conduct themselves?

4. Scott Carpenter is the only astronaut who has a touch of what in him?

5. What is the unofficial tradition at Cape Canaveral?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the procedures trainer?

2. Jane Conrad sees a real man going to her front door and realizes it wasn't one of her hallucinations. Who is the man and why is he there?

3. What is the Konakai Séance?

4. Why do the astronauts not refer to themselves or the other astronauts as "astronauts"?

5. What is the goal of the pilots in Project Mercury, which is the same goal in every new and important flight project?

6. What are John Glenn and Alan Shepard in serious disagreement about?

7. Describe Jane Conrad's nightmares and hallucinations?

8. Why do Chuck Yeager's comments in Phoenix almost set off a national scandal? What happens to avoid the scandal?

9. The morning after the press conference, the newspapers are full of stories about the astronauts. What do the stories highlight?

10. Why do the pilots come to hate Lovelace?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The mindset of a fighter jock, whether testing airplanes or riding on rockets, is different from the mindset of the "average" person. With the danger inherent in their daily occupational duties, the fighter jock mindset probably has to be different to continue to go up and push the envelope.

a. Describe the coping mechanisms the pilots had in place to help them deal with the enormous stress of their jobs.

b. Discuss the coping mechanisms the pilots' wives had in place to deal with the enormous stress of their husbands' jobs.

Essay Topic 2

When Project Mercury first began, the pilots were flying to Cape Canaveral for their training sessions. Later, as Project Mercury outgrew Cape Canaveral, the program was moved to Houston. Compare and contrast the astronauts' lifestyles in Cape Canaveral and Houston.

Essay Topic 3

To say that the Original Seven astronauts were looked up to would be a gross understatement; they were adored and admired national heroes. Yet, in spite of their fame, they only had one magazine, Life, that told their stories.

a. What were the reasons for the press restrictions?

b. Why was Life magazine selected?

c. In today's world, would heroes agree to only one magazine with exclusive coverage? Why or why not?

d. If the intense hype surrounding the astronauts back then surrounded them in today's environment, identify three differences in how the astronauts would have been "marketed" to the nation.

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