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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Bob White?
(a) The Air Force's prime pilot for the X-15 project at Edwards.
(b) The lead engineer on Project Mercury.
(c) The head of mission control.
(d) The reporter writing the Life stories.

2. How does Ted Whelan die?
(a) He flies beneath the hard deck and into power lines.
(b) He is in a car accident.
(c) His parachute fails to open.
(d) His plane crash lands in a swamp.

3. Who is John Glenn's greatest ally in the debate over how the astronauts should conduct themselves?
(a) Deke Slayton.
(b) Gus Grissom.
(c) Scott Carpenter.
(d) Gordon Cooper.

4. Who is the only Marine in the group of seven astronauts?
(a) Pete Conrad.
(b) Gus Grissom.
(c) Alan Shepard.
(d) John Glenn.

5. What did the astronauts most often hit in the procedures trainer?
(a) The launch button.
(b) The oxygen stir handle.
(c) The abort handle.
(d) The communications button.

6. What is housed at the Holloman Air Force Base?
(a) The rocket launchers.
(b) The mission control center.
(c) The chimpanzee colony.
(d) The psychologists' new testing facility.

7. When Pete receives his top-secret orders, what is the project he is being asked to volunteer for?
(a) The Moon Project.
(b) The Saturn Project.
(c) The X-1 Project.
(d) The Mercury Project.

8. How much time passes after the press conference before the astronauts are though of as national heroes?
(a) It takes seven weeks.
(b) They aren't considered of as national heroes until the first launch.
(c) It happens overnight.
(d) It takes three days.

9. When Gus Grissom's wife gives birth to their first child, where is Gus?
(a) Fighting overseas in Korea.
(b) In the delivery room.
(c) On a top-secret mission.
(d) On base, completing his flight training.

10. Why is Pete Conrad transferred to the Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland?
(a) Because he has to prepare for combat missions in Korea.
(b) Because he is entering the Navy's test-pilot school.
(c) Because he is promoted to Lieutenant.
(d) Because he requested a post involving less danger.

11. Which of the astronauts commands the least star power?
(a) Scott Carpenter.
(b) Alan Shepard.
(c) Deke Slayton.
(d) John Glenn.

12. When Jane Conrad realizes the cavalier manner in which the pilots discuss their killed comrades, what does she liken their discussion to?
(a) Debates.
(b) Politics.
(c) Lectures.
(d) Sports.

13. How are wives notified if their husband is injured or killed during a test flight?
(a) The Navy sends an official letter to the wife.
(b) Another one of the wives goes to the house to break the news.
(c) There is no official procedure for notifying the family of death.
(d) The Navy sends a man with official or moral authority to the house.

14. Why do the volunteers report to Lovelace?
(a) For medical testing.
(b) To observe rocket testing.
(c) For psychological testing.
(d) For flight training.

15. Why do the pilots report to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base?
(a) For launch preparation.
(b) For flight protocol training.
(c) For medical testing.
(d) For psychological and stress testing.

Short Answer Questions

1. What recent invention makes Program Mercury possible at all?

2. How many kills does Yeager have by the end of World War II?

3. What problem does the Army have with Yeager piloting the X-1?

4. When Chuck Yeager is interviewed by reporters in Phoenix, what do the reporters want to know about?

5. Why are the wives calling each other at the beginning of the story?

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