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1. Describe Jane Conrad's nightmares and hallucinations?

She is in her house and sees a figure coming up her walk and neighbors standing on her front lawn. She tries to prepare herself for the doorbell ringing, but the doorbell never rings. When she goes and opens the door, she finds there is no one there and realizes it was another dream.

2. Why don't the wives ever discuss the dangers their husbands face each day?

There is an unwritten protocol that death should not be discussed. It could potentially undermine the pilot's confidence and there would be no sympathy from the other wives, as they are all just as worried as Jane is.

3. As the number of killed pilots rises, how does that affect the mood of Pete Conrad?

To the amazement of Jane, the rising number of killed pilots doesn't seem to affect Pete at all. He still laughs, jokes, and kids with the other pilots as he always does.

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