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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 6, "On the Balcony".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the author compare the career path of a fighter pilot to?
(a) A sprint.
(b) A journey.
(c) A pyramid.
(d) A marathon.

2. Where are the new astronauts stationed?
(a) Langley Air Force Base.
(b) Kennedy Space Center.
(c) Edwards Air Force Base.
(d) Cape Canaveral.

3. Why do the pilots report to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base?
(a) For flight protocol training.
(b) For psychological and stress testing.
(c) For medical testing.
(d) For launch preparation.

4. When Gus Grissom's wife gives birth to their first child, where is Gus?
(a) Fighting overseas in Korea.
(b) In the delivery room.
(c) On base, completing his flight training.
(d) On a top-secret mission.

5. What is the name Yeager gives to his plane?
(a) Guns of Death.
(b) Rocketing Rickshaw.
(c) Glamorous Glynnis.
(d) Soaring Eagle.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which magazine buys the exclusive rights to the astronauts' personal stories for $500,000?

2. What is the one sound that test pilots' wives are most afraid of?

3. What is the most difficult routine in military flying?

4. When Jane Conrad realizes the cavalier manner in which the pilots discuss their killed comrades, what does she liken their discussion to?

5. What is the nickname given to Pete's flight test class?

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