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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 5, "In Single Combat".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Gus Grissom awarded for his actions during combat in Korea?
(a) The Purple Heart.
(b) The Superior Aviator Award.
(c) The Distinguished Flying Cross.
(d) The Ace Award.

2. When Chuck Yeager is interviewed by reporters in Phoenix, what do the reporters want to know about?
(a) How Yeager's family is.
(b) The next plane Yeager will be testing.
(c) The astronauts.
(d) The sound barrier.

3. What is Chuck Yeager's signature flying move?
(a) He has no signature move.
(b) Pulling out of a steep dive just before crashing.
(c) Shooting straight up before leveling off.
(d) A slow roll, sixty feet off the deck.

4. What does the author liken the deck of a carrier to?
(a) A thimble.
(b) A highway.
(c) An ice rink.
(d) A skillet.

5. What state is Chuck Yeager from?
(a) West Virginia.
(b) Florida.
(c) Kentucky.
(d) Minnesota.

Short Answer Questions

1. When a pilot is in the air and looking down at the ground, what does he most often feel?

2. What is the nickname given to Project Mercury by the top pilots at the base?

3. Who originally pilots the X-1 aircraft?

4. Complete this flying theorem: "There are no accidents and no fatal flaws in the machines..."

5. Why do fighter pilots have an intense dislike for flight surgeons?

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