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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 12, "The Tears".

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the eyes of the engineers, what are the astronauts?
(a) Partners in a great mission.
(b) Test subjects in an experiment.
(c) National heroes.
(d) Essential to the success of the program.

2. Who is the biggest practical joker among the volunteers?
(a) Gus Grissom.
(b) Wally Schirra.
(c) Pete Conrad.
(d) Alan Shepard.

3. Why does Janet Conrad support her husband's decision to join the astronaut program?
(a) She thinks it will be safer than flying high-performance jet fighters.
(b) She thinks it will vault his career to the top.
(c) She wants to move out of the desert.
(d) She wants her husband to be a famous astronaut.

4. What is the concern that controllers have when preparing to bring Glenn back in through the atmosphere?
(a) That the heat shields are loose.
(b) That the parachute will not deploy.
(c) That the capsule will overshoot the planned splash zone.
(d) That the blood pressure monitor is malfunctioning.

5. What feature makes Pete Conrad different from a lot of other pilots?
(a) He is older than average.
(b) He speaks both English and Spanish.
(c) He is taller than average.
(d) He can't stand being trifled with.

Short Answer Questions

1. What political event leads to Project Mercury being thought of, for the first time, as potentially expendable?

2. When communicating with mission control, what does Glenn refer to his capsule as?

3. The first test flight using an Atlas rocket is unmanned. Who or what goes up in the second test flight?

4. Why do the pilots report to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base?

5. After the Russian flight, NASA scrubbed the remainder of the planned Mercury flights using Redstone rockets. What is the next flight to attempt?

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