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Muroc Field/Edwards Air Force Base

It is located 150 miles north of Los Angeles in the high desert.

Cape Canaveral

The Mercury capsules are launched from here.

Glamorous Glynnis

It is the name of the first plane to break the sound barrier.

The Monkeypod Table

This symbolizes the small rewards the military provides, in spite of the sacrifices that it requires.

The Goodies

These are the perks of a military career.

The Pope's Balcony

This represents the admiration that test pilots feel they deserve from the public.

The Genteel Beast/The Victorian Gent

This represents media in general and its seemingly uniform attitude towards the astronauts.

Grissom's Capsule

Its hatch blows and its occupant is almost killed.

Glenn's Peugeot

This symbolizes the differences between this astronaut and the other astronauts; it was a source of teasing from the other astronauts.

Glenn's Fireflies

It is a cloud of luminescent...

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