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Conquering Fears - Desensitization Training

Have all the students lie on the floor in a darkened room. Tell them to imagine anything they fear. Then, have a relaxation specialist (or find a suitable program the teacher can narrate) walk them through a desensitization/relaxation program. See if they feel different after seeing the object of their fear in a relaxed and non-threatening environment.

Imagining the Future

Have each student imagine what their life will be like in ten years in terms of education level attained, employment positions, and volunteer activities. Based on their visions of their future lives, students write their resume highlighting their accomplishments. Encourage the students to tuck their future resumes away to pull out in ten years' time and see how their life is similar to and different from what they imagined.

Enhancing Group Cohesion by Building Trust

Being able to trust the other members...

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