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Chuck Yeager

This character breaks the sound barrier and is the best of Edwards AFB's test pilots.

John Glenn

This astronaut is not only the only Marine among the original seven astronauts, but is also the oldest.

Gus Grissom

This astronaut nearly drowns when the capsule sinks after splashdown.

Alan Shepard

This person is the first American sent into space.

Deke Slayton

This astronaut is disqualified from space flight for a slight heart defect.

Gordon Cooper

This character is the last of the original seven astronauts to go into space and is the last American to go into space alone.

Wally Schirra

This astronaut tries to prove that missions without science experiments complete more orbits, land more accurately, and save fuel.

Scott Carpenter

This character voluntarily switches from flight testing to flying patrol planes due to concern about wife and children.

Annie Glenn

This character overcomes a terrible...

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