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Chapter 1, "The Angels"

• Pete Conrad is part of the pilots group, which is slowly shrinking as pilots are killed on the job.

• None of the pilots are afraid of dying on the job because each pilot believes his superior skills will save him.
• Jane Conrad is Pete's husband.

• Jane is having nightmares about her husband being killed, but there is a "code of silence" and she finds no one she can share her fears with.

Chapter 2, "The Right Stuff"

• The chapter details the initiation into the flying "fraternity" and explains how and why fighter pilots become so cocky and confident.

• From the beginning, pilots see their classmates getting "left behind" in military flight training. Candidates can be left behind because of unsatisfactory class work, problems in basic flight instruction, or medical reasons (poor eye sight, flat feet, etc.)

• The real test for Navy pilots are the aircraft carrier...

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