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Harold Keith
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where does Jeff put the mules?
(a) The well house.
(b) The woods.
(c) The corral.
(d) The springhouse.

2. Where does the regiment go from Fort Scott?
(a) Linn County, Kansas.
(b) Cherokee Indian Nation.
(c) Van Buren,Arkansas.
(d) Fort Smith.

3. What is Jeff's punishment?
(a) One week of daily kitchen duty.
(b) One week of daily latrine duty.
(c) One week of daily laundry duty.
(d) One week of daily running.

4. What is Emory Bussey considered?
(a) A Bushwhacker.
(b) A Free State man.
(c) A Slave State man.
(d) A Rabblehouser.

5. How old is Jeff Bussey?
(a) Sixteen-years-old.
(b) Seventeen-years-old.
(c) Twelve-years-old.
(d) Fourteen-years-old.

6. Why is Jeff disgusted with the army food?
(a) He has to fix his own.
(b) There is never enough.
(c) The cook is killed.
(d) The food is burned.

7. Jim Veatch tosses what on a sumac bush?
(a) His dogtags.
(b) His cowboy hat.
(c) His gunbelt.
(d) His deck of playing cards.

8. What does Jeff leave on the mules?
(a) The sadle.
(b) The bridle.
(c) The blanket.
(d) The harness.

9. What sounds on the Bussey farm in the case of emergencies?
(a) Emory's large sea horn.
(b) Emory's muzzleloader shotgun.
(c) Edith's dinner bell.
(d) Edith's loud screams.

10. What did Jeff trap in the creek before he went in the army?
(a) Skunks and foxes.
(b) Skunks and muskrats.
(c) Muskrats and coyotes.
(d) Muskrats and otters.

11. Who tells David Gardner to go back to the army?
(a) David's mother.
(b) David's father.
(c) Jeff's mother.
(d) Jeff's father.

12. Where does Jeff go the day after the fight?
(a) Fort Smith.
(b) Fort Leavenworth.
(c) Fort Payne.
(d) Fort Sill.

13. Whose regiment enters the ambush from the South?
(a) General Lyons'.
(b) Colonel Franz Sigel's.
(c) Colonel Fred Sigel's.
(d) Colonel Frank Sigel's.

14. Who deserts the company before they cross the Missouri border?
(a) Jeff Bussey.
(b) Mike Dempsey.
(c) David Gardner.
(d) Asa Clardy.

15. What does Jeff tell the captain?
(a) "He wants to go home."
(b) "His bayonet is not broken."
(c) "He did not understand the order."
(d) "He needs to go to the bathroom."

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the new volunteers do when given their first order from Captain Clardy?

2. How does Jeff get to Fort Leavenworth?

3. How many men are in General Lyon's outfit?

4. Who is the sixteen-year-old neighbor that travels with Jeff?

5. Who is the new commanding officer of the Kansas Volunteers?

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