Objects & Places from Rifles for Watie

Harold Keith
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Linn County, Kansas

The Bussey family farm is located here. Jeff Bussey leaves this home in 1861 as a 16-year-old boy off to war and returns as a 20-year-old man.

Mule-Driven Plow

This is what Jeff uses to tend the field in Kansas, turning over the black soil, foreshadowing the men killed in war and buried in graves. This is also a symbol of rebirth and freedom for black slaves.

Kansas-Missouri Border

This is the line that prompts Jeff to enlist in the Union army. There is a large conflict in regards to this.

Fort Leavenworth, Kansas

This is the place Jeff, John, and David enlist as Volunteers in the Union army. Their training takes place here.


These are the main weapons used by the infantry in fighting the war from 1861 to 1865.

Bean Soup-Dishwater

This is the switch job Jeff pulls to avenge Clardy for the slur on...

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