Rifles for Watie Fun Activities

Harold Keith
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Captain Clardy's Murder

Captain Clardy may not have been an upstanding citizen but that is no reason for murder. Write a short story about the Captain's murder. Using any means necessary, including modern day forensic knowledge, find out who the killer is and what they used to commit the murder. Colonel Mustard in the Confederate mess hall with a dagger?

Jeff's Letter to Lucy

Jeff writes a letter back to Lucy, just as she asked him to do. Produce the letter and what all Jeff has to say in it.

Jeff's Ballad

There were many songs written about the Civil War, the battles that were fought, the people that were involved and so on. Create a ballad about Jeff's journey and time in the army.

Jeff's Animal Hospital

Jeff has quite a way with animals. After the war he begins his own clinic where he treats animals. Create...

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