Rifles for Watie Character Descriptions

Harold Keith
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Jefferson Davis Bussey

This character will be tested when sent over to the Rebel side to acquire information as a Union scout.

Captain Asa Clardy

This character turns out to be a traitor to the entire Union side since he/she is the officer corrupt enough to sell the repeating rifles to the enemy. In the end, this character is found stabbed to death.

Noah Babbitt

This character enjoys long walks and the longest walk he/she takes is a 900-mile trip from Topeka, Kansas, to Galveston, Texas, to see the magnolias in bloom.

Lucy Washbourne

This character is a 16-year-old mixed-blood Indian whose father is a captain in the cavalry.

Sergeant Pete Millholland

This character dies at the hands of the Rebel army after he/she gives permission for his/her men to forage in the Cherokee Country from people who have plenty to eat.

General Stand Watie

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