Rifles for Watie Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Harold Keith
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Chapter 1, Linn County, Kansas, 1861

• Jeff Bussey is plowing at his home in Kentucky.

• Jeff's father thinks the 16-month drought the year before got rid of the weaker families who moved away.

• Jeff wants to enlist in the army.

• Jeff hears his father blow the sea horn which is a sign of emergency.

Chapter 2, Bushwhackers

• Two strange men come to the house and claim to be hungry Union Home Guards.

• Emory Bussey knows they aren't Union Soldiers but agrees to feed them.

• The men attack Emory but are fought off by the members of the family.

• Jeff announces he is going to leave to fight in the war and his father consents.

Chapter 3, Fort Leavenworth

• Jeff begins to feel lonely after leaving home.

• Two of Jeff's neighbors enlist with him and leave without saying goodbye to their families.

• Jeff is told by the army physician that his chest is...

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