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Short Answer Questions

1. When Venters finally catches up to Black Star, what does he think has happened to the horse?

2. When Venters confronts Oldring what does he yell across the room?

3. When Venters returns with the horses after the race, what news does he hear from his friend?

4. After Lassiter tells Jane the story of his search for Milly, what terrible secret does Jane reveal?

5. After Bess is well, what do she and Venters do everyday in Surprise Valley?

Short Essay Questions

1. Lassiter tells Jane he is going to follow Venters to see where he is going. What does he reveal about Milly Erne in this moment? How does this parallel Jane's life?

2. When Venters shoots Oldring, Oldring tries to say something before he dies. What do you think he was trying to say? Why is Venters so upset when he talks to Bess on his return to Surprise Valley? What does he decide not to tell her at this point?

3. Lassiter arrives in Surprise Valley and meets Bess. He studies her, and, then, suddenly rises to leave. What is Lassiter thinking? What do you think he has figured out about Bess?

4. Why is Jane angered when she meets Bess? What else does Jane discover when she and Lassiter meet with Bess and Venters?

5. When Venters arrives back at Jane's house from Surprise Valley, how has Venters changed? How have his feelings toward Jane changed? Why is this important?

6. Why is Bess afraid to tell Venters about the gold? What does she think he will do? Why?

7. After Fay is abducted, Jane says that she gives up. Gives up what? What is her state of mind? How will she survive?

8. When running from Tull and his riders, Venters is amazed at Bess. Why? What does he remember as he rides. What are some of her exploits?

9. How did the loss of Milly affect Lassiter? He talks about traveling and going to the "bad." What did this mean and how is this connected to the loss of his sister?

10. After Lassiter leaves Surprise Valley, what is Venters worried about? Why is he worried? What actions will he take at this point?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

How did the search for Milly Erne change Lassiter? How did it change her husband Frank? What about Milly's parents? How are Lassiter's actions toward Milly's disappearance different from the others? Why do you think this is true?

Essay Topic 2

How does it affect Jane's sense of guilt when her father is described as a feudal lord? Compare Jane's behavior with her father's toward the village, Mormons and Gentiles. What is the same? What is different? What about Jane's relationship with Milly? If Jane's father was indeed married to Milly, what relation is she to Jane?

Essay Topic 3

During the race between Venters and Jerry Card, several pieces of chivalry and honor are used as a guideline to a code of conduct of which both men are aware. When this story was first published, do you think more people understood the rules of engagement for an event such as this? Do we understand it today? How are these rules different and the same as today?

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