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Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jane want more than anything else for Lassiter?

2. During dinner with Jane and Venters, Lassiter says he is looking for something. What is it?

3. When Jane and Venters leave Lassiter at the grave and are walking back, they see a rider. Who?

4. Venters has two dogs. What are their names?

5. What does Venters take back to camp with him on his first visit to the cliff dweller's cave?

Short Essay Questions

1. Compare the entrance to Surprise Valley under the stone bridge and the entrance to the ancient cave dwellers up the steep steps. How are these the same and how are they different? What did they mean to the ancient peoples and how are they important to Venters and Bess?

2. Who is Jane's one lone defender when Tull begins to pressure Jane into marriage? How can one person help Jane? Is defending Jane a job that requires more people?

3. The first appearance of Judkins, the Gentile rider "means hell." Why do you think this is true?

4. Why does Jane keep Milly's grave overgrown and hidden?

5. While exploring for the first time, Venters finds evidence of beavers in Surprise Valley and realizes that he must find the the stream where they entered. Why does Venters need to see the where the stream enters Surprise Valley? What is he afraid of?

6. Venters sees Oldring and the Masked Rider ride across the edge of Jane's land. Why is this ominous? What do the people know about Oldring?

7. When Venters carries Bess up the pass to the hidden valley, he experiences a new strength. What is this strength? What is the source of Venters strength?

8. Jane wonders aloud if Lassiter was Milly's husband. Why would this be important? Would this mean that Lassiter was a Mormon?

9. Would you describe Tull's handiwork as a conspiracy? What makes it a conspiracy? Give examples.

10. Who is the "unseen hand" and what role is he playing in what is happening to Jane and her ranch? Why is the "unseen hand" at work?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Describe the final showdown between Oldring and Venters. What does this scene tell the reader about Bess? Is the connection between Bess and Lassiter and Jane made clear at this point? When does it become clear to the reader who Bess is and where she comes from?

Essay Topic 2

Why would Tull's actions toward Jane be described as a conspiracy? Who is involved in hurting Jane? Is Tull acting along? If not, how is Tull getting other people to take action against Jane?

Essay Topic 3

What is the foreshadowing event of Lassiter rolling Balancing Rock down the hill? There is more than one event to describe, but chose one and be specific.

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