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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. As Bess and Venters are making their getaway, what does Bess see on the horizon?
(a) Oldring.
(b) Rustlers.
(c) A band of riders.
(d) The sage.

2. When Jane faints for the second time in the novel she awakes to Judkins. What does he tell her?
(a) Lassiter escaped from Tull.
(b) Lassitre retreived Fay.
(c) Lassiter killed Dyer.
(d) Lassiter is dead.

3. Before Venters returns to Surprise Valley, what does Jane have for him?
(a) Her hand in marriage.
(b) Withersteen House.
(c) A pocketwatch that belonged to her father.
(d) A package packed by her.

4. How did Oldring feel about Bess?
(a) He resented her.
(b) He loved her as a daughter.
(c) He was cruel to her.
(d) Like a slave.

5. After Lassiter tells Jane the story of his search for Milly, what terrible secret does Jane reveal?
(a) Her father was the preacher that went to Texas.
(b) Her father kidnapped Milly.
(c) Her father was Dyer's brother.
(d) Her father was the father of Milly's baby and also of Fay.

Short Answer Questions

1. After his time in Surprise Valley, Venters believes that it was wrong of Jane to love him. Why?

2. The morning after the storm, what does Bess ask Venters?

3. When Jane and Lassiter flee Withersteen house, what does Jane take with her?

4. What did Lassiter think of Frank Erne?

5. What did Frank Erne do to the new preacher in town?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Lassiter bring back to Jane after he pursues the men? What does this do to Jane? How does her will to live change?

2. Why is Bess afraid to tell Venters about the gold? What does she think he will do? Why?

3. As Chapter 22 ends, Bess and Venters hear a low thundering sound. What is the sound? What does it mean?

4. Describe the trial of Jane's men. Who is the judge? Do you think this is a fair trial? Why or why not?

5. When Venters arrives back at Jane's house from Surprise Valley, how has Venters changed? How have his feelings toward Jane changed? Why is this important?

6. What is Venter's reaction to Bess finding gold? Why does he feel this way? What freedom can this buy for the couple?

7. Lassiter arrives in Surprise Valley and meets Bess. He studies her, and, then, suddenly rises to leave. What is Lassiter thinking? What do you think he has figured out about Bess?

8. After Lassiter leaves Surprise Valley, what is Venters worried about? Why is he worried? What actions will he take at this point?

9. Why is Jane packing a special package for Venters? What is this a symbol of? What do you think it means.?

10. Even though Jane knows that the house has been fired, she doesn't look back. Why? Is this part of her "giving up?"

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