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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Jane visits Mary Brandt, she goes to the Gentile village. Why does she go?
(a) She needs to hire men.
(b) She wants to find Venters.
(c) She must walk through this area to get home.
(d) She is curious about the poor end of town.

2. When Venters tells Bess of his nightime trips to find beef, how does Bess react?
(a) She almost faints from fear.
(b) She starts yelling.
(c) She is thrilled to get some meat.
(d) She laughs.

3. When Bishop Dyer appears at Jane's house, why is he upset?
(a) He wants Withersteen House to be given to the church.
(b) Jane has cut off the water to Cottonwood.
(c) He heard that Jane will raise Fay and he wants her raised as a Mormon.
(d) He wants Jane to marry him.

4. What happened in this area of Southern Utah in 1871?
(a) A prairie storm.
(b) Religous revivals came to the area.
(c) Villages to the north of Cottonwood rose up against Gentile settlers.
(d) Mormons moved to the area.

5. When Jane asks Lassiter to be her rider, what does that mean?
(a) To watch Black Night and Star.
(b) To guard her house at night.
(c) To ride the sage everyday and look for intruders.
(d) To be in charge of cattle and horses and ranges.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which horse does Jane give to Lassiter?

2. When Lassiter appears, how do Tull's men know that he is a gunman?

3. What does Venters do to get some beef for Bess?

4. When Venters offers to take the wounded girl back to Oldring, what does she say?

5. Lassiter wants to go home? Where is home for Lassiter?

Short Essay Questions

1. While exploring for the first time, Venters finds evidence of beavers in Surprise Valley and realizes that he must find the the stream where they entered. Why does Venters need to see the where the stream enters Surprise Valley? What is he afraid of?

2. Who was Milly Erne and why did she refuse to teach at the school? What impact did this have on Milly's life?

3. After Lassiter leaves Surprise Valley, what is Venters worried about? Why is he worried? What actions will he take at this point?

4. Why is Jane packing a special package for Venters? What is this a symbol of? What do you think it means.?

5. What is the significance of the gold that Jane uses to pay both Judkins and Blake? Where did she get it? Why is she paying these men in gold? Does this say anything about her father?

6. When Venters tells Bess he must return to Cottonwoods for supplies, what does she think? Why does Bess not feel worthy of Venters attention? What has changed Venters since he came to the valley?

7. When running from Tull and his riders, Venters is amazed at Bess. Why? What does he remember as he rides. What are some of her exploits?

8. How did the loss of Milly affect Lassiter? He talks about traveling and going to the "bad." What did this mean and how is this connected to the loss of his sister?

9. What do Bess and Venters think about when they find human bone in the cliff dwellings?

10. Mrs. Larkin would like for Fay to be raised by Jane, but without Mormon teachings. According to the story, what is Mrs. Larkin really afraid of for her little Fay if she is raised Mormon?

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