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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After dinner, Venters goes to the grove to sleep. Who does he see riding through?
(a) Jane's women who work in her house.
(b) Oldring and the Masked Rider.
(c) Lassiter.
(d) Jane.

2. What is the opening to Oldring's den?
(a) Through another maze of canyon outlets.
(b) A high pass.
(c) Underwater through a cave.
(d) Through the middle of the waterfall.

3. According to Venters, what has Bishop Dyer done to hurt Venters?
(a) Took his guns.
(b) Stole his best horse.
(c) Tried to convert him to Mormonism.
(d) Sent out an edict to ruin him.

4. What is Lassiter known for?
(a) The Masked Rider.
(b) As a killer of Mormons.
(c) A man looking for gold.
(d) A rustler.

5. As the situation worsens, Jane tells Jerd to only care for only two things. What?
(a) The water for the town.
(b) The cattle.
(c) Black Star and Night.
(d) Bells

Short Answer Questions

1. Venters goes to find the red herd, but he also wants to do something very specific. What is it?

2. What does Venters do to get some beef for Bess?

3. Why are there four separate entrances to the Brandt's house?

4. What relationship did Bishop Dyer have with Jane's father?

5. Lassiter wants to go home? Where is home for Lassiter?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is the "unseen hand" and what role is he playing in what is happening to Jane and her ranch? Why is the "unseen hand" at work?

2. In Utah the Mormons are usually prosperous, while the Gentiles barely make enough to eat. Do you think Jane's father made his money in a way that hurt or used Gentiles in the area?

3. When Venters returns from hunting, Bess is sitting up in bed and wants to be lifted down. What does this moment signify in their relationship? How are they judging each other at this point in the story?

4. Jane is torn between her love for the Mormon church and the reality of the actions of it's leaders. How is this internal conflict reflected in Jane's actions?

5. Jane wonders aloud if Lassiter was Milly's husband. Why would this be important? Would this mean that Lassiter was a Mormon?

6. Bess tells Venters that she has memories of women and children. Who do you think these people were? What do you think their relationship was with Bess?

7. Describe Balancing Rock and how it was made to balance. What would happen if the rock is dislodged? How can this protect Venters and Bess now that he knows how to use the rock as a defense? Do you think this is foreshadowing an event?

8. Why does Jane keep Milly's grave overgrown and hidden?

9. When Jane visits the Brandts in town, the women warn her about her behavior. What are the Mormon's women's concerns with Jane? How do they think she will be punished? How will she be rewarded if she marries Tull? Would her marriage to Tull be the right thing for her religiously?

10. Who was Milly Erne and why did she refuse to teach at the school? What impact did this have on Milly's life?

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