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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After taking Lassiter to Milly's grave, what does Jane wonder aloud to Venters?
(a) If Lassiter was Milly's father.
(b) If Lassiter knew Milly very well.
(c) If Lassiter was Milly's husband.
(d) If Lassiter was Milly's brother.

2. After Jane visits Mary Brandt, she goes to the Gentile village. Why does she go?
(a) She is curious about the poor end of town.
(b) She wants to find Venters.
(c) She must walk through this area to get home.
(d) She needs to hire men.

3. Who founded the town of Cottonwood?
(a) Oldring.
(b) Jane.
(c) Bishop Dyer.
(d) Jane's father.

4. Venters has two dogs. What are their names?
(a) Whitie and Lassiter.
(b) Ring and Whitie.
(c) Jane and Ring.
(d) Oldring and Whitie.

5. What is making the white herd move so quickly?
(a) Someone on another ridge is spooking them with a white sheet.
(b) Someone on the ridge is throwing rocks at them.
(c) Someone on the ridge is yelling.
(d) Someone on the ridge is shooting at them.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Jane and Venters leave Lassiter at the grave and are walking back, they see a rider. Who?

2. Which horse does Jane give to Lassiter?

3. When Jane tells Blake to go to the sage and get all her horses, what information does Blake have?

4. Why has Mrs. Larkin always been afraid to give her daughter to Jane?

5. What are the signs that Milly gave up the Mormon religion?

Short Essay Questions

1. How did Jane's father make his wealth? What did he own that others needed? How has Jane changed that legacy and what effect has the change had on the people of Cottonwoods?

2. What is Jane's main goal with Lassiter? What is she trying to get him to do? How is she using Fay to get what she wants from Lassiter? How is she using Lassiter's attraction to her to get what she wants?

3. When Venters returns from hunting, Bess is sitting up in bed and wants to be lifted down. What does this moment signify in their relationship? How are they judging each other at this point in the story?

4. Who is the "unseen hand" and what role is he playing in what is happening to Jane and her ranch? Why is the "unseen hand" at work?

5. Why does Jane keep Milly's grave overgrown and hidden?

6. When Bess learns of Venters stealing the calves from Oldring, what is she afraid of? Who is she afraid for? What does she think will happen if Venters continues to act so carelessly?

7. Jane wonders aloud if Lassiter was Milly's husband. Why would this be important? Would this mean that Lassiter was a Mormon?

8. In Utah the Mormons are usually prosperous, while the Gentiles barely make enough to eat. Do you think Jane's father made his money in a way that hurt or used Gentiles in the area?

9. In Chapter 4, why does Judkins say that it is not normal for rustlers to shoot at a rider? Is this a code of ethics or standards practiced by the riders in this story? What does it mean?

10. Mrs. Larkin would like for Fay to be raised by Jane, but without Mormon teachings. According to the story, what is Mrs. Larkin really afraid of for her little Fay if she is raised Mormon?

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