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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bess tell Venters about the Masked Rider?
(a) That she is the Masked Rider, but she never stole or killed.
(b) That Jerry Card is really the Masked Rider.
(c) That she is not the real Masked Rider.
(d) That Oldring is really the Masked Rider.

2. What does Venters take back to camp with him on his first visit to the cliff dweller's cave?
(a) Gold.
(b) Food from the dwellings.
(c) Bone dust.
(d) Pottery.

3. What are the signs that Milly gave up the Mormon religion?
(a) She told Jane she gave up the religion.
(b) She taught in a Gentile school.
(c) She quit teaching and fought against Mormon ways of raising a girl.
(d) Her headstone has no Mormon symbols.

4. Why did Milly die?
(a) She died brokenhearted over Bishop Dyer.
(b) She died of a broken heart after her daughter disappeared.
(c) Because she gave up the Mormon religion.
(d) She was sick with a fevor.

5. What does Bess say Oldring is doing to hide his true motives?
(a) Keeping Bess.
(b) Terrorizing towns.
(c) Shooting men.
(d) Rustling cattle.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Lassiter known for?

2. Lassiter wants to go home? Where is home for Lassiter?

3. After taking Lassiter to Milly's grave, what does Jane wonder aloud to Venters?

4. After the visit from the Bishop, what does Lassiter tell Jane about her employees?

5. When Venters asks Bess what she did when she wasn't riding with Oldring, what does she say?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who is the "unseen hand" and what role is he playing in what is happening to Jane and her ranch? Why is the "unseen hand" at work?

2. Describe Jane's relationship with Bishop Dyer. How does Jane view Bishop Dyer's connection to God? How was he helpful to her father? Why is Jane torn between the man Dyer and the bishop Dyer?

3. When Venters carries Bess up the pass to the hidden valley, he experiences a new strength. What is this strength? What is the source of Venters strength?

4. As Bess tells Venters of her relationship with Oldring, does she seem haunted? What about her past does not match with the girl that Venters is getting to know? Is Venters having trouble seeing both sides of Bess? Are there two sides to Bess?

5. Venter asks Bess, "what were you to Oldring?" How does Bess answer and what does her answer mean? Since Venters stops her before she can explain further, do you think there might be more to her story?

6. Jane wonders aloud if Lassiter was Milly's husband. Why would this be important? Would this mean that Lassiter was a Mormon?

7. Who is Jane's one lone defender when Tull begins to pressure Jane into marriage? How can one person help Jane? Is defending Jane a job that requires more people?

8. In Chapter 4, why does Judkins say that it is not normal for rustlers to shoot at a rider? Is this a code of ethics or standards practiced by the riders in this story? What does it mean?

9. Jane is torn between her love for the Mormon church and the reality of the actions of it's leaders. How is this internal conflict reflected in Jane's actions?

10. Venters wonders if Oldring is Mormon. What effect would that have on the story?

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