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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Bess is better, Venters gets a chance to explore the valley. What animals does he find evidence of?
(a) Buffalo.
(b) Wolves.
(c) Beaver, wildcats, and foxes.
(d) Tigers.

2. When Venters asks Bess what she did when she wasn't riding with Oldring, what does she say?
(a) The rustlers took care of her.
(b) The rode horses alone.
(c) She stayed with a woman and her children.
(d) She was shut up in a cabin.

3. Venters goes to find the red herd, but he also wants to do something very specific. What is it?
(a) Sleep under the stars.
(b) Find Oldring's retreat.
(c) Practice shooting.
(d) Camp and fish.

4. What is making the white herd move so quickly?
(a) Someone on the ridge is yelling.
(b) Someone on the ridge is throwing rocks at them.
(c) Someone on the ridge is shooting at them.
(d) Someone on another ridge is spooking them with a white sheet.

5. When Lassiter appears, how do Tull's men know that he is a gunman?
(a) He is wearing guns.
(b) He is riding a fast horse.
(c) He is dressed all in black.
(d) He crouches in a gunman's position to ready for shooting.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Jane tells Blake to go to the sage and get all her horses, what information does Blake have?

2. Venters and his dog, Ring, stay in the oval canyon and watch as rustlers enter an opening to another canyon. What does this prove?

3. Why did Milly die?

4. How many cattle are in the red herd?

5. When Bishop Dyer appears at Jane's house, why is he upset?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Venter's reaction to Bess finding gold? Why does he feel this way? What freedom can this buy for the couple?

2. Why does Lassiter lose his resolve when it is time to roll the stone? What does he realize the end will be?

3. Why is Jane angered when she meets Bess? What else does Jane discover when she and Lassiter meet with Bess and Venters?

4. Would you describe Tull's handiwork as a conspiracy? What makes it a conspiracy? Give examples.

5. Venters wonders if Oldring is Mormon. What effect would that have on the story?

6. When Venters arrives back at Jane's house from Surprise Valley, how has Venters changed? How have his feelings toward Jane changed? Why is this important?

7. When Venters shoots Oldring, Oldring tries to say something before he dies. What do you think he was trying to say? Why is Venters so upset when he talks to Bess on his return to Surprise Valley? What does he decide not to tell her at this point?

8. Compare the entrance to Surprise Valley under the stone bridge and the entrance to the ancient cave dwellers up the steep steps. How are these the same and how are they different? What did they mean to the ancient peoples and how are they important to Venters and Bess?

9. Who is the "unseen hand" and what role is he playing in what is happening to Jane and her ranch? Why is the "unseen hand" at work?

10. In Utah the Mormons are usually prosperous, while the Gentiles barely make enough to eat. Do you think Jane's father made his money in a way that hurt or used Gentiles in the area?

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