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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Venters nurse Bess's fever?
(a) Puts ice wrapped in a cloth on her face.
(b) Gives her broth.
(c) Washes her face, hands and wrists with cool water.
(d) Let's Bess soak her feet in the stream.

2. When Lassiter appears, how do Tull's men know that he is a gunman?
(a) He crouches in a gunman's position to ready for shooting.
(b) He is dressed all in black.
(c) He is riding a fast horse.
(d) He is wearing guns.

3. Why has Mrs. Larkin always been afraid to give her daughter to Jane?
(a) She believes Jane would be mean to her daughter.
(b) She thinks her daughter will not go willingly.
(c) She is afraid Jane would raise her as a Mormon.
(d) She thinks Jane would kidnap her daughter.

4. At the beginning of the book, Jane waits for the churchmen. What will the churchmen attack Jane for?
(a) Her right to befriend a Gentile.
(b) Jane doesn't give enough money to the church.
(c) Jane is too rich and needs to give some of her land away.
(d) Venters is a terrible employee.

5. What are the signs that Milly gave up the Mormon religion?
(a) Her headstone has no Mormon symbols.
(b) She told Jane she gave up the religion.
(c) She taught in a Gentile school.
(d) She quit teaching and fought against Mormon ways of raising a girl.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Venters goes into Cottonwood, all the men are in the streets. What are they talking about?

2. Venters has two dogs. What are their names?

3. What does Oldring really do for a living?

4. When Venters offers to take the wounded girl back to Oldring, what does she say?

5. What does Venters take back to camp with him on his first visit to the cliff dweller's cave?

Short Essay Questions

1. Mrs. Larkin would like for Fay to be raised by Jane, but without Mormon teachings. According to the story, what is Mrs. Larkin really afraid of for her little Fay if she is raised Mormon?

2. What is Jane's main goal with Lassiter? What is she trying to get him to do? How is she using Fay to get what she wants from Lassiter? How is she using Lassiter's attraction to her to get what she wants?

3. Describe Balancing Rock and how it was made to balance. What would happen if the rock is dislodged? How can this protect Venters and Bess now that he knows how to use the rock as a defense? Do you think this is foreshadowing an event?

4. Compare the entrance to Surprise Valley under the stone bridge and the entrance to the ancient cave dwellers up the steep steps. How are these the same and how are they different? What did they mean to the ancient peoples and how are they important to Venters and Bess?

5. How is Tull different than the man he pretends to be? How does he play both ends of his conspiracy against Jane?

6. When Venters returns from hunting, Bess is sitting up in bed and wants to be lifted down. What does this moment signify in their relationship? How are they judging each other at this point in the story?

7. When Venters carries Bess up the pass to the hidden valley, he experiences a new strength. What is this strength? What is the source of Venters strength?

8. The first appearance of Judkins, the Gentile rider "means hell." Why do you think this is true?

9. When Jane visits the Brandts in town, the women warn her about her behavior. What are the Mormon's women's concerns with Jane? How do they think she will be punished? How will she be rewarded if she marries Tull? Would her marriage to Tull be the right thing for her religiously?

10. Would you describe Tull's handiwork as a conspiracy? What makes it a conspiracy? Give examples.

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