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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Venters goes to the cliff dweller's cave the first time, what does he find?
(a) Pottery and instruments for grinding maize.
(b) Bows and arrows.
(c) Pans for cooking.
(d) Guns.

2. After the shooting, Venters moves Bess to a safe location, but returns to the oval valley. Why?
(a) To kill a rabbit for food.
(b) To spy on the rustlers again.
(c) To steal a cow for food.
(d) To bring horses back to camp.

3. What does Venters do to get some beef for Bess?
(a) Finds a stray cow and brings him back to Surprise Valley.
(b) Returns to Withersteen house and steals eight cattle.
(c) Steals cattle from Oldring.
(d) Invades a cattle drive and robs eight head of cattle.

4. As the situation worsens, Jane tells Jerd to only care for only two things. What?
(a) Black Star and Night.
(b) The cattle.
(c) Bells
(d) The water for the town.

5. What is Withersteen House?
(a) Jane's house.
(b) Biship Dyer's house.
(c) Lassiter's house.
(d) Tull's house.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is being entertained at the Brandt house?

2. When Jane greets Lassiter and Venters, she has news from town about Tull. What is it?

3. When Bess is better, Venters gets a chance to explore the valley. What animals does he find evidence of?

4. How does Venters nurse Bess's fever?

5. When Venters takes Bess to Surprise Valley, she awakens and think she hears a waterfall. What is she really hearing?

Short Essay Questions

1. Venter asks Bess, "what were you to Oldring?" How does Bess answer and what does her answer mean? Since Venters stops her before she can explain further, do you think there might be more to her story?

2. As Bess tells Venters of her relationship with Oldring, does she seem haunted? What about her past does not match with the girl that Venters is getting to know? Is Venters having trouble seeing both sides of Bess? Are there two sides to Bess?

3. The first appearance of Judkins, the Gentile rider "means hell." Why do you think this is true?

4. Once Venters reaches Surprise Valley he skins the rabbit and saves the hide? Why would he want to keep this hide? What feeling is Venters trying to capture and hang on to?

5. Describe Balancing Rock and how it was made to balance. What would happen if the rock is dislodged? How can this protect Venters and Bess now that he knows how to use the rock as a defense? Do you think this is foreshadowing an event?

6. Would you describe Tull's handiwork as a conspiracy? What makes it a conspiracy? Give examples.

7. When Venters carries Bess up the pass to the hidden valley, he experiences a new strength. What is this strength? What is the source of Venters strength?

8. How is Tull different than the man he pretends to be? How does he play both ends of his conspiracy against Jane?

9. Why does Jane keep Milly's grave overgrown and hidden?

10. What is Jane's main goal with Lassiter? What is she trying to get him to do? How is she using Fay to get what she wants from Lassiter? How is she using Lassiter's attraction to her to get what she wants?

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