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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Venters do to get some beef for Bess?
(a) Invades a cattle drive and robs eight head of cattle.
(b) Returns to Withersteen house and steals eight cattle.
(c) Finds a stray cow and brings him back to Surprise Valley.
(d) Steals cattle from Oldring.

2. Just after the rustlers pass Venters and his dog in the canyon, Ring turns and growls at two riders coming right at them. Who is one of the riders?
(a) Tull.
(b) The Masked Rider.
(c) Lassiter.
(d) Oldring.

3. What does Oldring really do for a living?
(a) Trains Arabian horses.
(b) Farms.
(c) Owns a cattle ranch.
(d) Pans and digs for gold.

4. When Lassiter appears, how do Tull's men know that he is a gunman?
(a) He crouches in a gunman's position to ready for shooting.
(b) He is wearing guns.
(c) He is dressed all in black.
(d) He is riding a fast horse.

5. Venters and his dog, Ring, stay in the oval canyon and watch as rustlers enter an opening to another canyon. What does this prove?
(a) The opening is Oldring's den.
(b) The Oval is really shaped like a hand with fingers.
(c) Nothing. The canyons all go in a circle.
(d) There is water through the opening.

6. When Venters tells Bess of his nightime trips to find beef, how does Bess react?
(a) She starts yelling.
(b) She laughs.
(c) She is thrilled to get some meat.
(d) She almost faints from fear.

7. After dinner, Venters goes to the grove to sleep. Who does he see riding through?
(a) Lassiter.
(b) Jane.
(c) Oldring and the Masked Rider.
(d) Jane's women who work in her house.

8. When Venters asks Bess what she did when she wasn't riding with Oldring, what does she say?
(a) She stayed with a woman and her children.
(b) She was shut up in a cabin.
(c) The rode horses alone.
(d) The rustlers took care of her.

9. Who does Jane think is the "unseen hand"?
(a) Venters.
(b) Oldring.
(c) Tull.
(d) The bishop.

10. When Venters goes into the canyon where he saw the rustlers go, what does he find?
(a) Another canyon with multiple outlets.
(b) Oldring himself in his campsite.
(c) A waterfall that looks like the end of the trail.
(d) A river.

11. What do Jane's women employees take from Withersteen House?
(a) Gold.
(b) Her Arabian horses.
(c) Her records and deeds.
(d) A painting of her father.

12. When Venters goes into Cottonwood, all the men are in the streets. What are they talking about?
(a) The sage.
(b) The coming of Lassiter.
(c) The new Mormon church.
(d) The marriage of Jane and Tull.

13. According to Venters, what has Bishop Dyer done to hurt Venters?
(a) Tried to convert him to Mormonism.
(b) Sent out an edict to ruin him.
(c) Stole his best horse.
(d) Took his guns.

14. What does the Bishop say Jane's father wanted for her?
(a) To race the horses he left her.
(b) To marry Dyer.
(c) To leave Cottonwood.
(d) To marry Tull.

15. After taking Lassiter to Milly's grave, what does Jane wonder aloud to Venters?
(a) If Lassiter knew Milly very well.
(b) If Lassiter was Milly's father.
(c) If Lassiter was Milly's husband.
(d) If Lassiter was Milly's brother.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Venters name the rock at the entrance to Surprise Valley?

2. When confronted with the two riders in the canyon who shoot at him, what does Venters do?

3. Why has Mrs. Larkin always been afraid to give her daughter to Jane?

4. When Bishop Dyer appears at Jane's house, why is he upset?

5. When Jane asks Lassiter to be her rider, what does that mean?

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