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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Venters take back to camp with him on his first visit to the cliff dweller's cave?
(a) Pottery.
(b) Gold.
(c) Food from the dwellings.
(d) Bone dust.

2. What does Jane want more than anything else for Lassiter?
(a) To let her shoot his guns.
(b) For Lassiter to propose.
(c) For Lassiter to give her back her horse.
(d) To change his mind about killing Mormons.

3. Venters and his dog, Ring, stay in the oval canyon and watch as rustlers enter an opening to another canyon. What does this prove?
(a) The opening is Oldring's den.
(b) There is water through the opening.
(c) Nothing. The canyons all go in a circle.
(d) The Oval is really shaped like a hand with fingers.

4. When Lassiter appears, how do Tull's men know that he is a gunman?
(a) He is wearing guns.
(b) He crouches in a gunman's position to ready for shooting.
(c) He is riding a fast horse.
(d) He is dressed all in black.

5. Which horse does Jane give to Lassiter?
(a) Star.
(b) Bells.
(c) Black Night.
(d) Wrangles.

6. What relationship does Venters assume that Bess had with Oldring?
(a) She was never around Oldring.
(b) She was his lover.
(c) She was one of his rustlers.
(d) She was his sister.

7. When Jane sees the visitor at the Brandt house, why does this person think Jane has not been to church?
(a) Tull is keeping Jane to himself while he is courting her.
(b) Jane is no longer a Mormon.
(c) Jane is involved with Venters.
(d) Jane has started her own church on her ranch.

8. How many cattle are in the red herd?
(a) 3.
(b) 2,500.
(c) 15.
(d) 250.

9. How does Venters block the entrance to Surprise Valley?
(a) He builds a makeshift fence.
(b) He stacks rocks up to cover the entrance.
(c) He covers it with thorny branches.
(d) He leaves the dogs to guard the entrance.

10. When Venters goes to find the red herd, how far does he travel in three hours?
(a) 150 miles.
(b) 300 miles.
(c) 4 miles.
(d) 25 miles.

11. Who founded the town of Cottonwood?
(a) Bishop Dyer.
(b) Jane.
(c) Oldring.
(d) Jane's father.

12. When Venters realizes the Masked Rider is alive, he opens his shirt to look at the wound. What does Venters find?
(a) The wound is large and bleeding badly.
(b) The wound is in the stomach.
(c) The pale body of a very young boy.
(d) A woman's breast.

13. When Venters offers to take the wounded girl back to Oldring, what does she say?
(a) "Take me back so I can see the sage once more."
(b) "Don't take me back there."
(c) "Just let me die here."
(d) "Please, before I die."

14. How does Jane pay Blake when he returns to work for her?
(a) She is not able to pay him.
(b) She pays him in cash.
(c) She pays him in gold.
(d) She gives him food and a place to sleep.

15. How does Venters find the opening to Surprise Valley?
(a) There are small arrows engraved in the rocks leading him up the pass.
(b) Ring goes into the opening and lead the way.
(c) He follows blood drops up the cliff.
(d) He notices ancient marks in the rock that lead up a cliff.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the Bishop say Jane's father wanted for her?

2. What does Venters name the rock at the entrance to Surprise Valley?

3. Once Venters and Bess are in Surprise Valley, how many days does Venters think Bess will need to lie still?

4. After dinner, Venters goes to the grove to sleep. Who does he see riding through?

5. What is making the white herd move so quickly?

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