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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Venters and his dog, Ring, stay in the oval canyon and watch as rustlers enter an opening to another canyon. What does this prove?
(a) There is water through the opening.
(b) The Oval is really shaped like a hand with fingers.
(c) Nothing. The canyons all go in a circle.
(d) The opening is Oldring's den.

2. During dinner with Jane and Venters, Lassiter says he is looking for something. What is it?
(a) Bern Venters.
(b) Something to eat.
(c) The grave of Milly Erne.
(d) A place to stay the night.

3. Why has Mrs. Larkin always been afraid to give her daughter to Jane?
(a) She thinks her daughter will not go willingly.
(b) She is afraid Jane would raise her as a Mormon.
(c) She thinks Jane would kidnap her daughter.
(d) She believes Jane would be mean to her daughter.

4. Who's house does Jane visit in the Gentile village?
(a) Judkins.
(b) Jerry Card.
(c) Venters.
(d) Fay and her mother, Mrs. Larkin.

5. What relationship does Venters assume that Bess had with Oldring?
(a) She was his sister.
(b) She was never around Oldring.
(c) She was one of his rustlers.
(d) She was his lover.

6. Which horse does Jane give to Venters to go find the red herd?
(a) Bells.
(b) Black Night.
(c) Wrangle.
(d) Star.

7. What relationship did Bishop Dyer have with Jane's father?
(a) He was a counselor to her father.
(b) He was her father's best friend.
(c) He was a teacher to her father.
(d) He did not know Jane's father very well.

8. Jane sends Judkins to town to find out about the disappearance of her riders. What does Judkins discover?
(a) Her riders left Utah.
(b) There is a band organized to hunt rustlers and Tull's man, Jerry Card, is the leader.
(c) Her riders are now with Oldring.
(d) Her riders moved to Glaze.

9. When Jane sees the visitor at the Brandt house, why does this person think Jane has not been to church?
(a) Jane has started her own church on her ranch.
(b) Jane is no longer a Mormon.
(c) Jane is involved with Venters.
(d) Tull is keeping Jane to himself while he is courting her.

10. What does the Bishop say Jane's father wanted for her?
(a) To race the horses he left her.
(b) To marry Dyer.
(c) To leave Cottonwood.
(d) To marry Tull.

11. When Venters realizes the Masked Rider is alive, he opens his shirt to look at the wound. What does Venters find?
(a) The wound is large and bleeding badly.
(b) The wound is in the stomach.
(c) The pale body of a very young boy.
(d) A woman's breast.

12. After the visit from the Bishop, what does Lassiter tell Jane about her employees?
(a) They are poisoning her water.
(b) They want her house.
(c) They are spying on her.
(d) They want Black Star and Night.

13. Lassiter comes to Jane to inform her that he found her white herd. Jane changes and goes to mount her horse. How does she mount her horse?
(a) She mounts him with Lassiter's help.
(b) She mounts him from her porch.
(c) The horse kneels down for Jane to mount.
(d) She mounts him from a large rock.

14. After the conversation with Blake, Jane feels the world closing in on her and admits to Lassiter that sometimes she want to run away with him. How does Lassiter react?
(a) He tells her that he not longer loves her.
(b) He shakes his head and begins to cry.
(c) He grabs her and pulls her to him, thinking she has just professed her love.
(d) He laughs.

15. When Venters takes Bess to Surprise Valley, she awakens and think she hears a waterfall. What is she really hearing?
(a) Shooting in the distance.
(b) The wind in the valley.
(c) Ancient voices.
(d) The stream running through the valley.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Venters goes to find the red herd, how far does he travel in three hours?

2. Why are there four separate entrances to the Brandt's house?

3. What does Bess tell Venters about the Masked Rider?

4. What does Venters discover about Balancing Rock?

5. How does Venters nurse Bess's fever?

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