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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 19 - 21.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After Venters shoots the two riders in the oval valley, what does he do with the dead body?
(a) Puts it on his horse and carries it back to camp.
(b) Dumps it in the river.
(c) Drags it to a corner and covers it with rocks.
(d) Leaves it for the coyotes.

2. What does Bess say Oldring is doing to hide his true motives?
(a) Keeping Bess.
(b) Rustling cattle.
(c) Terrorizing towns.
(d) Shooting men.

3. What does Bess tell Venters about the Masked Rider?
(a) That she is not the real Masked Rider.
(b) That she is the Masked Rider, but she never stole or killed.
(c) That Oldring is really the Masked Rider.
(d) That Jerry Card is really the Masked Rider.

4. When Venters has his encounter on his way back into Cottonwoods, what horse is Jerry Card riding?
(a) Black Star.
(b) Night.
(c) Bells.
(d) His own.

5. What is Withersteen House?
(a) Lassiter's house.
(b) Jane's house.
(c) Tull's house.
(d) Biship Dyer's house.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Jane visits Mary Brandt, she goes to the Gentile village. Why does she go?

2. What does Venters name the rock at the entrance to Surprise Valley?

3. When Venters confronts Oldring what does he yell across the room?

4. After dinner, Venters goes to the grove to sleep. Who does he see riding through?

5. When Bess is better, Venters gets a chance to explore the valley. What animals does he find evidence of?

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