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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters 4 - 6.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Lassiter known for?
(a) The Masked Rider.
(b) As a killer of Mormons.
(c) A man looking for gold.
(d) A rustler.

2. When Jane's riders disappear, what does Judkins tell her happened to them?
(a) The riders aren't gone; they are hiding in Deception Canyon.
(b) The riders are working for Tull on his ranch.
(c) The riders are all dead.
(d) The riders were "called in" by the churchmen.

3. When Venters goes into Cottonwood, all the men are in the streets. What are they talking about?
(a) The marriage of Jane and Tull.
(b) The new Mormon church.
(c) The coming of Lassiter.
(d) The sage.

4. Lassiter takes Jane to a lookout over her white herd and tells her the herd is moving fast. Why?
(a) They are stampeding.
(b) They are following some dogs.
(c) They are following Lassiter.
(d) The rustlers are taking them to the canyon.

5. Why does Jane not take care of Milly's grave?
(a) Jane doesn't take care of her land very well.
(b) Milly was not family.
(c) Milly told Jane not to bother with it.
(d) She wants to keep it hidden.

Short Answer Questions

1. Jane asks Lassiter to be her friend, but only under one condition. What is the condition?

2. When Jane asks Lassiter to stay and eat, why does Lassiter hesitate?

3. At the beginning of the book, Jane waits for the churchmen. What will the churchmen attack Jane for?

4. Venters goes to find the red herd, but he also wants to do something very specific. What is it?

5. What crime does Tull accuse Venters of?

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