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Deception Pass

This is a natural passageway in the borderlands of Utah, named for the intricate and confusing network of intersecting casons which it contains.

Surprise Valley

This is a beautiful and isolated place, where ancient cliff dwellers once lived.

Balancing Rock

This object was left perched atop the cliff that is the entrance to a beautiful valley.


This is a small town in Utah founded by Jane Withersteen's father.

Amber Spring

Owned by the Withersteen family, this provides water for the town of Cottonwoods.

Withersteen Ranch

Jane's home, once owned by her father and surrounded by sage field and cottonwood trees.

The Waterfall

The secret entrance to Oldring's hideout.

Lassiter's Guns

The subject of great dispute between Lassiter and Jane, as Jane wishes Lassiter to never use these again.

The Gentile Quarter

The poorest section of the town, home for non-Mormons.

The Cliff Dwellings

These are...

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