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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1 - 3)


Chapters 1 - 3

Jane is Mormon, but does not follow many Mormon laws. The objective of this lesson is to introduce the main theme of the novel, the conflict between the Jane and the elders of the Mormon church.


1. Class Discussion:

Describe Jane's Mormon background and her father's place in the town of Cottonwoods.

Describe the problem between Tull and Venters.

What is Venters accused of?

Is Venters Gentile or Mormon? Why is this important?

What is the relationship between Venters and Jane?

Are Oldring and the Masked Rider Mormon or Gentile? Why would that be important to know?

When Venters asks for his guns, Jane insists that Venters forgive his enemies. What is Jane afraid of?

2. Group Discussion: Break into groups of four and discuss the following questions:

Mormons seem to be prosperous in this area of Utah. Do you think Jane's wealth was accumulated...

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