Riders of the Purple Sage Character Descriptions

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Jane Withersteen

This character is a Mormon woman torn between her love for her religion and her love for a Gentile man.


This character has a sister who disappeared in Texas, and he has come to avenge her death.

Bern Venters

This character shoots the Masked Rider and takes the Masked Rider to Surprise Valley to recover.

Bess (Elizabeth Erne)

This character is nursed back to health after being shot in Surprise Valley.


This character creates the Masked Rider and spreads the false legend of the evil Masked Rider, while at the same time loves and shelters the child from any other harm.


This character is a church elder who leads the final chase after the main characters, following them to Surprise Valley.

Bishop Dyer

This character is the charming Mormon proselytizer who heads the church in Cottonwoods.


This character is a Gentile rider...

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