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Lucia St. Clair Robson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bear Cub find has happened to other bands as he travels in Chapters 44-45?
(a) They have been moved to the reservations.
(b) They have been forced to starve to death.
(c) They have been raided by the white soldiers.
(d) They have been devastated by cholera.

2. Why do Wanderer and Buffalo Piss become angry with Pahayuca in the fall of 1854?
(a) He has given up his role as chief.
(b) He has abandoned his people.
(c) He has chosen to go to the reservations.
(d) He has divorced his wife like a white man.

3. Why does Buffalo Piss come to the Quahadi in Chapter 38?
(a) To attend a war council.
(b) To ask for food.
(c) To visit Wanderer.
(d) To talk about winter camp arrangements.

4. Where did this character in Chapter 44 contract cholera?
(a) As an escort on a wagon train to Illinois.
(b) As an escort of a military troop moving East.
(c) As an escort of a wagon train to California.
(d) As an escort of a military troop moving to Texas.

5. Why is Naduah caught by the raiders in Chapter 53?
(a) She is attempting to leave a message for Wanderer.
(b) She is attempting to find Quanah.
(c) She is attempting to protect her daughter.
(d) She is attempting to adminster to a sick Pecan.

6. Why has Naduah grown unhappy with her life in Chapter 35?
(a) She misses Bear Cub.
(b) She misses white society.
(c) She misses Wanderer.
(d) She misses her white family.

7. How long has Bear Cub been a member of Old Owl's band?
(a) Six days.
(b) Six years.
(c) Six months.
(d) Six weeks.

8. When did Sunrise agree to allow Wanderer to marry Naduah?
(a) Seven years ago.
(b) Seven weeks ago.
(c) Seven days ago.
(d) Seven months ago.

9. Who is Iron Shirt?
(a) Wanderer's father.
(b) Wanderer's cousin.
(c) Wanderer's uncle.
(d) Wanderer's brother.

10. Why does Bear Cub decide to leave the Indians in Chapter 47?
(a) The Indian life has changed.
(b) The Indians no longer do what he wants.
(c) The Indians are cruel to him.
(d) The Indians remind him too much of dead friends.

11. Where does Bear Cub go after the death of his friend in Chapter 44?
(a) To find Naduah.
(b) To find his grandfather.
(c) To find his Mexican lover.
(d) To find his white family.

12. Who heals Wanderer's injury in Chapter 50?
(a) Naduah.
(b) Quanah.
(c) Pecan.
(d) Medicine Woman.

13. What type of water in the desert is dangerous for horses?
(a) Cactus water.
(b) Sea water.
(c) Muddy water.
(d) Alkali water.

14. Why do the Comanche declare war on Texas?
(a) Out of jealousy for the cattle they did not receive.
(b) Out of jealousy for the reservations they were not allowed to go to.
(c) In revenge for the murder of White Robe's band.
(d) In revenge for the events at San Antonio.

15. What injury does Wanderer suffer during a raid in Chapter 50?
(a) A bullet wound.
(b) A knife wound.
(c) An arrow wound.
(d) A near scalping.

Short Answer Questions

1. What name is given to Naduah and Wanderer's first child?

2. What is Naduah's dowry in her marriage to Wanderer?

3. Who assisted the white raiders in finding the Naconi camp in Chapter 53?

4. What does Wanderer teach Naduah to do in the desolate land of the Quahadi?

5. Who does Wanderer face over the body of his father in Chapter 52?

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