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Lucia St. Clair Robson
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does this man refuse to help rescue the Parkers' captured family members?
(a) He believes a rescue attempt would kill the captured victims.
(b) He believes the Indians are too powerful to fight.
(c) He believes the Indians have moved too far away.
(d) He believe the Indians have a right to the captured.

2. What is pemmican?
(a) A hatchet used by Comanche.
(b) A special type of arrow.
(c) A concentrated mixture of fat and protein.
(d) A concentrated mix of fruit and water.

3. Why is Cynthia Ann Parker given a new name?
(a) To help her become a part of the tribe.
(b) To remove her identity.
(c) To make her name easier for the Indians to say.
(d) To remove all connection to the white people.

4. What does Wanderer really do in Medicine Woman's lodge while the camp evacuates in the face of a natural disaster?
(a) Steals her belongings.
(b) Saves her life.
(c) Finds refuge.
(d) Takes medicine for a friend.

5. Who is John Parker?
(a) Cynthia's cousin.
(b) Cynthia's fifteen-year-old brother and potential rescurer.
(c) Cynthia's six-year-old brother and fellow captor.
(d) Cynthia's uncle.

6. Who do the Parkers ask to help rescue their captured family members?
(a) Davy Crockett.
(b) Sul Ross.
(c) Daniel Boone.
(d) Sam Houston.

7. Who is Noah Smithwick?
(a) A white man trying to get bands of Comanche to a treaty talk in San Antonio.
(b) A white soldier who was injured in an Indian raid.
(c) A white man who was raised by Comanche.
(d) A white man who is looking to collect the ransom for Cynthia Ann Parker.

8. What act usually makes an agreement unbreakable between two Comanche warriors?
(a) Smoking on it.
(b) Kissing on it.
(c) Shaking on it.
(d) The simple act of agreeing.

9. What is the crest placed on arrows for Wanderer?
(a) Two orange lines.
(b) Two black lines.
(c) Three red lines.
(d) Three yellow lines.

10. Who is Cynthia Ann Parker?
(a) The cousin of John Parker.
(b) The nine-year-old daughter of Silas Parker.
(c) The sister of Rachel Plummer.
(d) The wife of Silas Parker.

11. Who delivers Something Good's baby?
(a) Medicine Woman and Naduah.
(b) Takes Down the Lodge and Naduah.
(c) Medicine Woman and Takes Down the Lodge.
(d) Naduah and Six Toes.

12. Who gives Naduah a deerskin dress with bells during her first year with the Comanche?
(a) Takes Down the Lodge.
(b) Medicine Woman.
(c) Something Good.
(d) Sunrise.

13. Why are the Indians at the fort?
(a) To ask for food.
(b) To talk about leasing their territory.
(c) To ask for shelter.
(d) To talk about a treaty.

14. Who is rumored to be the father of Something Good's baby?
(a) Quanah.
(b) Pahayuca.
(c) Eagle.
(d) Wanderer.

15. What do the Wasps find at the camp of White Robe's band?
(a) Everyone is sick.
(b) Everyone is dead.
(c) Everyone has been shot.
(d) Everyone is starving.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where do the Wasp plan to winter that first year Naduah is with them?

2. How much money does Texas set aside to rid the countryside of Comanche?

3. What is the Staked Plains?

4. Who is Placido?

5. Why is Cynthia sore and bruised when she arrives at the Indian camp in Chapter 5?

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