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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why do Lissener and Riddley split up instead of going on together to Cambry?
(a) Only Eusa folk could go to Cambry.
(b) Someone was after them and they got separated.
(c) To split the stones and double their chances of success.
(d) They had a disagreement.

2. After Durster's mishap, what does Lorna Elswint ask Riddley about the dog he saw?
(a) She wonders if Riddley got the 1st knowing.
(b) She wants to know what happened to Durster.
(c) She wants to know if he has a new connexion.
(d) She wants to know how work he and the other got done.

3. Who do Riddley and Goodparley go to see after they leave Fork Stone?
(a) Lorna Elswint.
(b) The dead man in the boat.
(c) Eusa folk.
(d) Granser.

4. Who does Riddley meet near Good Mercy Form?
(a) Goodparley.
(b) Granser/Drop John the Foller Man.
(c) Orfing.
(d) Lorna Elswint.

5. What is another name for the person Riddley rescues?
(a) Cambry.
(b) Lissener.
(c) Eyeless one.
(d) Deformed one.

Short Answer Questions

1. After Goodparley and Granser die, what does Orfing want Riddley to do?

2. The night of Potter's mishap, where does Riddley sleep?

3. How many Eusa folk are there according to Lissener?

4. Where is Riddley led after he runs away?

5. How does Lissener find his way to where he and Riddley are going?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Riddley releases Lissener from the hole, they head toward Fork Stone. What happens when Lissener won't quit talking?

2. Riddley and Goodparley, meet Granser. How do Granser and Goodparley die?

3. Goodparley has Riddley searched when he returns to Widders Dump. The little figure is found on Riddley. What does the little figure Riddley found mean to Goodparley?

4. After Riddley leaves Cambry, he heads back to Fork Stone. Describe what he finds there.

5. What happens when Riddley walks ahead of the other men when they are jobbing for a second time?

6. Why do Lissener and Riddley decide to separate?

7. What does Flinter RIghtway tell Orfing and Riddley when they arrive at Weaping Form to do the Punch show?

8. What does Durster Potter say about Riddley's father?

9. What happens to Riddley when he jumps the fence after finding the little figure in the diggings?

10. What do Lissener and Riddley find near the sea?

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