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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Riddley leaves Widders Dump after talking with Goodparley. What saying goes through his mind as he walks?
(a) Eusa 39.
(b) Eusa 7.
(c) Something about the yeller stone.
(d) Something from the Punch show.

2. After he is cut down, what does Goodparley beg to be allowed to do with Riddley?
(a) Go back to the sea.
(b) Punch shows.
(c) Eusa shows.
(d) Go to Cambry.

3. After Riddley returns to Widders Dump, what does Goodparley want from Riddley?
(a) The bag of stones from the dead man.
(b) Riddley's knife.
(c) Riddley's gear.
(d) A connexion.

4. Who did Riddley eat breakfast with after his connexion?
(a) Lorna and Fister Crunchman.
(b) Nimbel Potter.
(c) Straiter Empy.
(d) No one, he ate alone.

5. What happens when Riddley tries to get Lissener to quit talking the first night they are together?
(a) Lissener stomps off without Riddley.
(b) The hevvys hear Riddley and Lissener.
(c) Lissener sits down and refuses to move.
(d) Lissener has an epileptic fit.

Short Answer Questions

1. When Riddley packs the fit up, what does he find in two bags?

2. Why does Riddley jump the fence and run away from the work site?

3. What does Riddley think about when he wakes the morning after his connexion?

4. After he runs away, what does Riddley learn about the 1 Big 1 and the Master Chaynjis?

5. Why do Lissener and Riddley split up instead of going on together to Cambry?

Short Essay Questions

1. Riddley returns to Widders Dump and finds Goodparley there. Why does Riddley give Goodparley the stones?

2. After Riddley leaves Goodparley in Widdows Dump, who does Riddley meet on the road?

3. Riddley and Goodparley, meet Granser. How do Granser and Goodparley die?

4. After Riddley leaves Cambry, he heads back to Fork Stone. Describe what he finds there.

5. Describe the Punch show that Orfing and Riddley do at Weaping Form.

6. What does Riddley do to Durster Potter and why?

7. What does Riddley learn about the Eusa folk as he and Lissener get to the outskirts of Fork Stone?

8. Describe how Riddley feels when he gets to the Power Ring in Cambry.

9. After Riddley jumps the Widders Dump fence, where is he led and why?

10. After Riddley's first connexion, what was it like for him at breakfast?

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