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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the Goodparley/Orfing Eusa show, what part of his body does Eusa say is missing?
(a) His head.
(b) His arm.
(c) His hands.
(d) His leg.

2. What is Riddley thinking while he is breaking up the big thing the day after his father's death?
(a) That they will never be able to break the thing up.
(b) His dad died so that the albino dismisses the big thing as rubbish since it wasn't Eusa's head.
(c) He was not ready go back to work so soon after his father's death.
(d) That they need more men to help break up the big thing.

3. In the written Eusa story, what happened when there was knowledge and Eusa was working for Mr. Clevver?
(a) Eusa invented boats in the air.
(b) Eusa asked Mr. Clevver to stop fighting.
(c) Enemies came to make war.
(d) Eusa invented computers.

4. What is the first thing the narrator does in Chapter 1?
(a) Kills a deer.
(b) Talks to an old woman.
(c) Goes for a walk.
(d) Kills a wild boar.

5. Who is the albino at the digging?
(a) Belnost Phist from the Mincery.
(b) An old friend of Brooder Walker.
(c) Orfing.
(d) Goodparley.

Short Answer Questions

1. Was it really the Littl Man who took Eusa's wife?

2. Why does the narrator decide to write his story?

3. What was the reaction to Brooder's connexion for the Eusa story Riddley remembers from childhood?

4. What would Riddley like to do with the hide of the dog that he killed?

5. The day after he gets his scar, what does Riddley do?

Short Essay Questions

1. At the beginning of the novel, why do you think Riddley Walker says, "Your turn now my turn later"?

2. After Riddley's father dies, what do Riddley and the other men hear coming from Widders Dump?

3. What was the second thing that happened after Brooder died?

4. Describe the game the children play after Riddley kills the boar.

5. What does Lorna talk about in her tel at Brooder's cremation?

6. At the time Riddley's father was killed, what did Riddley know about dogs killing people?

7. What does Lorna tell Riddley after they freshen the Luck?

8. Why does Orfing call Eusa back after Eusa says the show is done?

9. During the wotcher, Goodparley tells Riddley that there's a time for everything and that the time for moving crowds is past. What is Goodparley referring to?

10. Why are the children playing Black Pack at the beginning of Chapter 3?

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