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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Goodparley & Orfing do after their Eusa show?
(a) Drank a little with senior members of Hows Fent.
(b) Went to see Lorna Elswint.
(c) Went back to Riddley's shelter.
(d) Left immediately.

2. What is the 1st knowing that Lorna refers to?
(a) They knew how to use the dog to help them.
(b) They knew the day.
(c) They learned cleverness.
(d) They knew the night.

3. After splitting the atom, Eusa continues to see the Littl Man. How can Eusa get away from the Littl Man?
(a) He can't get away from the Littl Man.
(b) By running.
(c) By getting on a ship.
(d) By dying.

4. What reason does Lorna give for the baby's death?
(a) The people were not only farming, but digging up iron from the Bad Time.
(b) The baby's mother was sick.
(c) The baby was killed by a wild dog.
(d) The baby had a bad cold.

5. What have the little kids been doing while Riddley was scared?
(a) Singing in the rain.
(b) Creeping in and out of the fit.
(c) Eating their dinners.
(d) Getting ready for bed.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Riddley get a scar?

2. Who plays the part of Eusa in the show put on the the Pry Mincer and Wes Mincer?

3. In the written Eusa story, who was the Big Man?

4. The night Riddley's father dies, who starts a fire?

5. What time does Goodparley say is past the day after Brooder dies?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Riddley's father dies, what do Riddley and the other men hear coming from Widders Dump?

2. Goodparley and Orfing show up at Widders Dump to do a show. What does Riddley say about these men?

3. After hearing the story "Why the Dog Wont Show Its Eyes," it appears that it was not Eusa who made the 1 Big 1. In the story, who made the 1 Big 1?

4. What was the second thing that happened after Brooder died?

5. What does Lorna tell Riddley after they freshen the Luck?

6. Describe the game the children play after Riddley kills the boar.

7. In the written Eusa story, describe what happens when Eusa finds the Littl Shynin Man the Addom.

8. In the Goodparley/Orfing show, what does Mr. Clevver do?

9. Why did Riddley climb the big iron thing after his father died?

10. Why is Riddley upset when he is working to break up the big thing that killed his father?

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