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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. On the day he runs away, what does Riddley see as he leaves the dead town?
(a) A sweeping green light and the sound of blips.
(b) Greenparley.
(c) Folleree and Folleroo.
(d) Orfing.

2. Where did Riddley sit for breakfast the morning after his connexion?
(a) His usual place.
(b) He didn't sit, he grabbed something to eat and went outside.
(c) With the other young men his age.
(d) At the top table.

3. What is the first story Goodparley tells Riddley after Riddley is caught climbing into Widder's Dump?
(a) About Goodparley's childhood.
(b) The story of Drop John the Foller Man.
(c) The Punch story.
(d) The end of Eusa.

4. What does Orfing say happened when the hevvys took the yellowboy stones and made a mixture?
(a) The hevvys were killed.
(b) The hevvys created an explosion that killed some of the Eusa folk.
(c) The hevvys were not able to make the 1 Littl 1.
(d) The hevvys and the Eusa folk were killed.

5. How many Eusa folk are there according to Lissener?
(a) Five.
(b) Over a thousand.
(c) Forty-five.
(d) Hundreds.

6. What does Riddley think about when he wakes the morning after his connexion?
(a) He makes another connexion.
(b) He is pleased with his first connexion.
(c) That what happened during the connexion was a dream.
(d) He doesn't remember what happened the night before.

7. What happens to Durster Potter on the men's third time at the diggings?
(a) He twists his ankle.
(b) He tries to start another fight with Riddley.
(c) He trips on a hole in the path and breaks his leg.
(d) He is killed by the dogs.

8. On Riddley's fourth work day at the diggings, what does he find?
(a) A puppet with a hand in it.
(b) Rotten food.
(c) An old coat.
(d) Strange metal.

9. Who grabbed Riddley as he climbs over the fence at Widders Dump?
(a) Orfing.
(b) A hevvy.
(c) Fister Crunchman.
(d) Goodparley.

10. In the Orfing/Walker show, what does the main character do to Erny?
(a) Kicks him.
(b) Whacks him.
(c) Spits at him.
(d) Bites him.

11. After he is cut down, what does Goodparley beg to be allowed to do with Riddley?
(a) Punch shows.
(b) Eusa shows.
(c) Go back to the sea.
(d) Go to Cambry.

12. What do Riddley and Lissener talk about as they walk on their first evening together?
(a) How Riddley's father died.
(b) Why Riddley ran away from his work group.
(c) How Lissener got in the hole.
(d) Dreams.

13. In Goodparley's story, what happened to Ingland after Eusa's head was put on a hole?
(a) There was an earthquake.
(b) Part of Inland was flooded.
(c) There was endless night.
(d) There was an explosion.

14. What makes Riddley cry as he and Lessener walk from Fork Stone toward Cambry?
(a) He is thinking about his father.
(b) He is remembering things from when he was a child.
(c) He knows he and Lessener will have to go different ways.
(d) He is missing his friends from Hows Fent.

15. The night of Potter's mishap, where does Riddley sleep?
(a) He slept in his shelter with Lorna.
(b) He slept in the divvy.
(c) On top of the gate house with Lorna.
(d) He slept alone in his shelter.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do Coxin and Fister have words when they head to the diggings?

2. What does a kid sing about Riddley as he and Orfing leave Weaping Form?

3. After Durster's mishap, what does Lorna Elswint ask Riddley about the dog he saw?

4. Who did Riddley eat breakfast with after his connexion?

5. What did the work crew find in the hole the morning after Durster's mishap?

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