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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Riddley learn that he and Goodparley share?
(a) How there fathers died.
(b) Grandfathers.
(c) A birthday.
(d) Connexions.

2. What happens to Durster Potter on the men's third time at the diggings?
(a) He trips on a hole in the path and breaks his leg.
(b) He is killed by the dogs.
(c) He twists his ankle.
(d) He tries to start another fight with Riddley.

3. Who do Riddley and Goodparley go to see after they leave Fork Stone?
(a) Granser.
(b) Eusa folk.
(c) The dead man in the boat.
(d) Lorna Elswint.

4. What do Riddley and Lissener find as they walk closer to the center?
(a) Six hevvys.
(b) Big, broken machines.
(c) Orfing.
(d) Goodparley.

5. Where does Riddley hide the yellerboy stone?
(a) In Lissener's pocket.
(b) In an abandoned shelter.
(c) In Goodparley's pocket.
(d) In the fit up.

6. What time of day was it when Riddley left the dead town after running away from the work group?
(a) In the morning.
(b) At sunset.
(c) The next afternoon.
(d) When it was so dark you could not even see the hand on the end of your arm.

7. When the work crew returns to How Fents after Potter's mishap, what does Littl Nimbel Potter do when he sees Riddley?
(a) Begins singing with the other kids.
(b) Makes the Bad Luck go a way sign.
(c) He calls Riddley names.
(d) He runs away.

8. As Riddley gets to Cambry and feels the power there, what do the dogs do?
(a) Run round in circles and start standing on their hind legs.
(b) Start howling.
(c) Lie down and refuse to move.
(d) Push him to keep moving.

9. Who leaves with Orfing and Riddley after the show at Weaping Form?
(a) Easyer leaves with them.
(b) The hevvys leave with them.
(c) Rightway Flinter leaves with them.
(d) Rightway Flinter, Deaper, and their families.

10. What does Goodparley tell Riddley about the puppet Riddley found in the digging?
(a) It belonged to Orfing.
(b) Its name is Punch.
(c) Its an old Eusa figure.
(d) It used to belong to Belnot Phist.

11. What type of reception do Orfing and Riddley get when they arrive to do their first show?
(a) No one wants to let them inside the form.
(b) The people from the form come out to fight.
(c) The people from the form shoot arrows at them.
(d) They go in and do a show.

12. As Riddley and Lissener creep amongst the rubble, what does Riddley learn about himself?
(a) He should be a connexion man.
(b) He misses the place where he used to live.
(c) He is a type of listener.
(d) He is afraid of the machines in the rubble.

13. How does the Orfing/Walker show end?
(a) Rightway Flinter and Easyers got into a fight.
(b) A baby gets eaten.
(c) With a song.
(d) Orfing and Riddley get into a fight.

14. After Durster's mishap, what does Lorna Elswint ask Riddley about the dog he saw?
(a) She wants to know how work he and the other got done.
(b) She wants to know if he has a new connexion.
(c) She wants to know what happened to Durster.
(d) She wonders if Riddley got the 1st knowing.

15. What do Riddley and Lissener talk about as they walk on their first evening together?
(a) Dreams.
(b) How Riddley's father died.
(c) Why Riddley ran away from his work group.
(d) How Lissener got in the hole.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who wants Riddley to hand over the item that he finds in the hole?

2. After Goodparley and Granser die, what does Orfing want Riddley to do?

3. What drew Lissener to the boat that he and Riddley found?

4. Where does Riddley go when he leaves the dead town?

5. Where did Riddley sit for breakfast the morning after his connexion?

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