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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who leaves with Orfing and Riddley after the show at Weaping Form?
(a) Rightway Flinter leaves with them.
(b) Rightway Flinter, Deaper, and their families.
(c) The hevvys leave with them.
(d) Easyer leaves with them.

2. After Riddley finds the buried head, where does he plan to travel next?
(a) Widdows Dump.
(b) Fork Stone.
(c) Do-it-Over.
(d) Hows Fent.

3. As Riddley travels, he thinks of a story to write down later. What is the name of the story?
(a) Fools Circel 9ways.
(b) The Eusa Story.
(c) The Bloke as Got on Top of Aunty.
(d) The story of his first connexion.

4. How does Riddley get over the wall at Widders Dump when he returns after leaving Lissener?
(a) Slips through a hole in the fence.
(b) Climbs a rope.
(c) Walks up to the gate.
(d) Hits a guard and slips through the gate.

5. Where does Riddley go when he leaves the dead town?
(a) Cambry.
(b) How Fent.
(c) Widdows Dump.
(d) Brabbas Horn.

6. Why do Lissener and Riddley split up instead of going on together to Cambry?
(a) Only Eusa folk could go to Cambry.
(b) To split the stones and double their chances of success.
(c) They had a disagreement.
(d) Someone was after them and they got separated.

7. What kind of a show do Orfing and Riddley do at Weaping Form?
(a) A Eusa show.
(b) A show about making the 1 Littl 1.
(c) A Punch show.
(d) A show about Goodparley and Granser.

8. After Durster's mishap the previous day, what do Riddley and the work crew feel as they set off toward Widders Dump?
(a) He is wishing he did not have to work.
(b) Everyone is on the alert and waiting for something.
(c) Glad to be working again.
(d) He is tired and having trouble keeping up with the group.

9. Who do Riddley and Goodparley go to see after they leave Fork Stone?
(a) Granser.
(b) Eusa folk.
(c) Lorna Elswint.
(d) The dead man in the boat.

10. What do Riddley and Lissener talk about as they walk on their first evening together?
(a) Why Riddley ran away from his work group.
(b) How Lissener got in the hole.
(c) How Riddley's father died.
(d) Dreams.

11. What happens to Durster Potter on the men's third time at the diggings?
(a) He trips on a hole in the path and breaks his leg.
(b) He is killed by the dogs.
(c) He tries to start another fight with Riddley.
(d) He twists his ankle.

12. After Goodparley and Granser die, what does Orfing want Riddley to do?
(a) Orfing wants Riddley to leave.
(b) Find Greanvine.
(c) Go on the road to do shows together.
(d) Orfing wants Riddley to fight him.

13. Why does Riddley jump the fence and run away from the work site?
(a) He threw Belnot Phist in the mud.
(b) He did not want to work any more.
(c) He got in an argument with Fister.
(d) He got in an argument with Coxin.

14. Who did Riddley eat breakfast with after his connexion?
(a) Lorna and Fister Crunchman.
(b) Nimbel Potter.
(c) No one, he ate alone.
(d) Straiter Empy.

15. Who wants Riddley to hand over the item that he finds in the hole?
(a) Fister.
(b) Orfing.
(c) Belnot Phist.
(d) Goodparley.

Short Answer Questions

1. What time of day was it when Riddley left the dead town after running away from the work group?

2. How does Riddley get something to eat as he travels?

3. Who does Riddley find trapped after he runs away?

4. After Riddley returns to Widders Dump, what does Goodparley want from Riddley?

5. When Riddley packs the fit up, what does he find in two bags?

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