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Fools Circel 9wys

The little kids in the novel play a game called Fools Circel 9wys. Create rules and a game board to play this game.

Map of Inland and England

On a map of present day England, write in the names of the places mentioned in Riddley Walker. See how the geography of Inland compares to present day England. Use the map in the front of the novel. Although Hows Fent is not on the map, Riddley gives its location at the end of Chapter 2. Find the location of How Fent.

A Song

Translate one of the songs in the novel into English.

Colors of Inland

Think of colors that remind you of the world that Riddley lives in. Draw or paint an abstract painting with those colors.

The Boar

Using the art style used in cave paintings, paint a picture of Riddley slaying the boar.

Riddley's Shelter

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