Riddley Walker Character Descriptions

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Brooder Walker

This character was killed early in the novel during a "forage rota."

Riddley Walker

This character is a 12-year-old who must act like a grownup.

The Littl Shyning Man (aka Attom)

This mythical figure is used to explain the splitting of the atom that brought nuclear war.


Lorna Elswint

The person who does the "tel" for the tribe.

St. Eustace

This character was a Roman originally named Placidus.


This character is the primary figure in a puppet show meant to bind the tribes or communities of Inland.

Abel Goodparley

This character is a fine speaker and dies with a pestle in his skull.


This character makes gunpowder.


This character is power-hungry, but lacks the intelligence and skill to gain domination over others.

Belnot Phist

This character is physicist and a small albino.


This character kills many and has a voice that is...

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