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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does his mother think about his reading?
(a) She wishes he would read less and go play sports.
(b) She is proud of him for reading so much.
(c) She hopes that he can teach her to read better.
(d) She does not understand it.

2. How does Rodriguez feel about his parents' English skills?
(a) He is troubled by their poor English skills.
(b) He is afraid they will get in trouble because they do not speak English properly.
(c) He thinks they do all right speaking a mix of Spanish and English.
(d) He wishes his mom would do all the talking.

3. What does Rodriguez do in Aria, Chapter 2, that gives him the confidence to speak up in class?
(a) Getting extra help from the teacher.
(b) Practicing English with his family.
(c) Studying with a classmate.
(d) Learning English from listening to the radio.

4. Did Rodriguez's parents get the same amount of education that he did?
(a) No.
(b) No, and they did not want him to go to school so much, either.
(c) Yes.
(d) Yes, but they went to school in Mexico so they do not speak English very well.

5. What does Rodriguez call the English-speaking people his family interacts with?
(a) Otros.
(b) Gringos.
(c) Foreigners.
(d) Non-Mexicans.

6. What does Rodriguez say would be the benefit of bilingual education?
(a) He could understand the homework assignments better.
(b) He would get better grades.
(c) He would feel more comfortable in the classroom.
(d) He could ask the teacher questions more easily.

7. What does Rodriguez realize about language and intimacy?
(a) That he can express himself better in English than in Spanish.
(b) That Spanish is always a more intimate language that English.
(c) That intimacy is about the relationship between the people, not about what language they speak.
(d) That language is how a person maintains their intimacy with other people.

8. Did Rodriguez's brother and sister tell him what to expect at school?
(a) They told him to be good and listen to the teacher.
(b) They told him he would have fun.
(c) No, they never talked about it.
(d) No, he was the first one in his family to go to school.

9. As Rodriguez learns more English, what does he do about his parents' English skills?
(a) He tells them to be quiet and let him do the talking.
(b) He corrects their grammar.
(c) He teaches them how to speak English.
(d) He gets angry at them for speaking Spanish.

10. What is Rodriguez told about reading the Bible?
(a) Read it at mass on Sunday.
(b) Read it in the classroom with someone to guide him.
(c) Do not read it at all.
(d) Read it every day.

11. What does Rodriguez say would be the disadvantage of bilingual education?
(a) It would make it easier to cheat on tests.
(b) It would limit the things he could study in school.
(c) It would mean he was only in class with other people who spoke Spanish.
(d) It would make him lazy about learning English.

12. What does Rodriguez's teacher tell him about reading and complicated ideas?
(a) Reading will teach him complicated ideas.
(b) He needs to read 2,000 books to have a complicated idea.
(c) People who do not read cannot have complicated ideas.
(d) He needs to read 5,000 books to have a complicated idea.

13. What does Rodriguez's family call him?
(a) Poncho.
(b) Pocho.
(c) Pokey.
(d) Paco.

14. How does Rodriguez's mother change as the family starts to speak English more?
(a) She complains about using English.
(b) She helps her children learn more English.
(c) She gets upset and insists that they speak to her in Spanish.
(d) She learns more English and works hard to talk to her children.

15. How does Rodriguez's education affect his relationship with his parents?
(a) It causes a separation between them.
(b) His parents stop talking to him.
(c) It makes him feel closer to his parents.
(d) His parents brag about him all the time.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Rodriguez get involved in his church?

2. Once Rodriguez takes the reading class, how does he feel about reading and books?

3. Who does Rodriguez say surrounds him now?

4. Why does Rodriguez say he is writing this book?

5. How does the family's use of the word "gringo" change as the children learn more English?

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