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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In The Achievement of Desire, Chapter 4, what is Rodriguez afraid to admit?
(a) He will have to leave school soon.
(b) He still does not like reading very much.
(c) He longs for his own past.
(d) He does not like his family very much.

2. In Aria, Chapter 3, why does Rodriguez's family tease him?
(a) Because they think he is ugly.
(b) Because he is bad at sports.
(c) Because he cannot speak Spanish very well.
(d) Because he reads too many books.

3. What two versions of his religion does Rodriguez say his parents had to choose between?
(a) The gentle, happy version and the intense, frightening version.
(b) The Mexican version and the English-speaking version.
(c) The version that talks about sin and the version that talks about love.
(d) The old-fashioned version and the modern version.

4. How does Rodriguez feel when he observes the group of black teenagers on the bus?
(a) He is irritated because they are noisy.
(b) He wishes he could be their friend.
(c) He is scared because they look tough.
(d) He envies their close bond.

5. What does Rodriguez's teacher tell him about reading and complicated ideas?
(a) He needs to read 5,000 books to have a complicated idea.
(b) People who do not read cannot have complicated ideas.
(c) He needs to read 2,000 books to have a complicated idea.
(d) Reading will teach him complicated ideas.

6. Did Rodriguez's brother and sister tell him what to expect at school?
(a) They told him to be good and listen to the teacher.
(b) No, he was the first one in his family to go to school.
(c) No, they never talked about it.
(d) They told him he would have fun.

7. How does Rodriguez describe his life as a child?
(a) Frightening.
(b) Sheltered.
(c) Fun.
(d) Boring.

8. As Rodriguez moves into college and graduate school, how does his relationship with his parents change?
(a) They have even less to say to each other.
(b) They argue a lot.
(c) They ask him a lot more questions about his studies.
(d) They start talking again.

9. In The Achievement of Desire, Prologue, Rodriguez says that now that he is successful, people always ask him a certain question. What is it?
(a) Can I have your autograph?
(b) How did you manage your success?
(c) Did you benefit from affirmative action?
(d) Are your brothers and sisters as smart as you are?

10. What does Rodriguez say is the real reason for his success?
(a) Working very hard.
(b) Kissing up to the teacher.
(c) Reading every book he could find.
(d) Remembering what his life was like before he was educated.

11. How does Rodriguez's mother react to his educational accomplishments?
(a) She does not care if he does well in school.
(b) She is embarrassed because her smart son does not speak Spanish well.
(c) She asks questions and is pleased when he wins awards.
(d) She tries to help him with his homework.

12. What religion does Rodriguez's family practice?
(a) Judaism.
(b) Catholicism.
(c) Christianity.
(d) Buddhism.

13. How does the scholarship boy use education?
(a) To make friends.
(b) To make money.
(c) To get a good job.
(d) To change himself.

14. As he finishes his education, does Rodriguez think his parents still love him? How do you know?
(a) Yes, because they throw him a graduation party.
(b) Yes, because they try to talk to him.
(c) Yes, because there are intimate gestures even though they do not talk much.
(d) No, because they do not talk to him.

15. How does Rodriguez think the church treats his parents?
(a) It does not pay attention to them.
(b) It insults them.
(c) It makes a fuss over them.
(d) It respects them as people.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Rodriguez get involved in his church?

2. What does Rodriguez's family call him?

3. What does Rodriguez start to notice about English?

4. What does Rodriguez call the English-speaking people his family interacts with?

5. Where does Rodriguez believe English should be spoken?

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