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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Profession, Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Rodriguez think about his ability to succeed with women?
(a) He can only flirt with dark-skinned women.
(b) He will attract a lot of women because he is "exotic."
(c) He will succeed because he has such a beautiful "tan."
(d) He will fail because his skin color makes him ugly.

2. According to Rodriguez, what do minority students need to succeed in college?
(a) Supportive professors and family members.
(b) Basic skills and an educational background that prepares them for college.
(c) A support system of other minority students.
(d) Extra tutoring.

3. When he is a child, what do people say about Rodriguez's complexion?
(a) They joke with him about how light his skin is.
(b) They tease him.
(c) They tell him he is handsome.
(d) They tell him to see a doctor to get help.

4. What is one thing that Rodriguez says happened to black students promoted through affirmative action?
(a) Some of them failed because they did not have a strong educational background.
(b) They were a great example for future generations of black students.
(c) They succeeded beyond anyone's expectations.
(d) They did not do any better than students who "earned" their way in.

5. When does Rodriguez begin to question his religion?
(a) After he graduates from school.
(b) When he is in college.
(c) When they tell him not to ask questions about religion.
(d) When he starts to read more books.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Rodriguez's education affect his relationship with his parents?

2. What two versions of his religion does Rodriguez say his parents had to choose between?

3. How does Rodriguez feel when he observes the group of black teenagers on the bus?

4. Where does Rodriguez believe Spanish should be spoken?

5. Where does Rodriguez feel comfortable? Why?

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